Agricultural machinery: a "platform" for market recovery

The digital edition of EIMA International, which allows you to experience the exhibition in virtual reality, aims to ferry the market towards a recovery. The data on tractor sales in April and May, which were most directly affected by the stoppage of activities for the Covid emergency, indicate decreases in Europe of 25.8% and 22.6% respectively, with an overall reduction of 12% in the first five months of the year. Demand is growing in other areas of the world: businesspeople from 40 countries are expected at EIMA Digital Preview.

The health emergency has had unimaginable consequences on the economy, since there have never been comparable experiences in recent history. The crisis of 2008/2009 originated from a financial collapse, while the Covid 19 crisis attacked directly the real economy with a stop to production and trade.

The International Monetary Fund estimates for 2020 a drop in production at a global level of around 4.9%, with a deficit of 3% for emerging economies and a drop of 8% for advanced economies. The impact will surely be felt in the agricultural machinery sector.

"The health crisis occurred in a phase that was already critical for the sector - explained the president of FederUnacoma Alessandro Malavolti during the press conference held this afternoon in live streaming - given that already in 2019 the market trend had been dropping, and that in the first three months of this year sales had suffered a fairly substantial drop".

The FederUnacoma calculations using the Agrievolution data indicate for 2019 a negative balance of 5.6% for tractors in terms of units, mainly caused by the negative performance of the two Asian giants India and China, respectively down by 9.1% and 9.9%, only partially offset by the good result of the European (+7.9%) and US (+3.7%) markets.

After the negative close of 2019, in the first three months of 2020 tractors sales saw a further drop on all the main markets: the United States were down 7.6%, Europe 4.9%, India 11.5%, the Russian Federation 6.2%, and Japan 28.8%.

"The data on the tractor market in the months of April and May, which were most directly affected by the stoppage of activities for the Covid emergency - specified the president of FederUnacoma - indicate a drop in Europe of 25.8% and 22.6% respectively, with an overall reduction of 12% in the first five months of the year".

This context helps us understand the value of EIMA Digital Preview, the "virtual" edition of the world exhibition of agricultural machinery organized by FederUnacoma. The Digital Preview will be staged from 11 to 15 November, the same days initially scheduled for the traditional EIMA, which was moved to February 2021 due to the Covid emergency. "The digital preview is important for operators from all over the world - said Malavolti - and particularly for those countries which, despite suffering from the consequences of the health crisis, nevertheless show a significant push towards mechanization". "In this light, collaboration with the ICE Agency is truly fundamental - concluded Malavolti - to create together with FederUnacoma the Business-to-Business meetings between exhibiting companies and foreign businesspeople".

The foreign delegations of 40 countries from the five continents will be organized remotely, and will be selected precisely on the basis of the dynamics that the agricultural mechanization market shows in the various contexts. Countries like Canada, Mexico, Russia and many others continue to express a growing demand for technology even in this difficult economic situation, and it is to be expected that their businesspeople will be very active in November on the EIMA platform.


The latest FederUnacoma press releases


EIMA International, appointment in October

The agricultural machinery exhibition, organized by FederUnacoma at the Bologna exhibition centre, will be held from 19 to 23 October 2021.The choice was guided by the health emergency and the complex needs linked to the trade exhibition calendar and the seasonality of the work processes.From November 2022 the Exposition will return to its normal frequency.

EIMA Digital Preview, a project "in progress"

The digital platform will be perfected quickly, to support the promotional activities of agricultural machinery companies. Over 59 thousand accesses were recorded in the five days of the EDP review, and about 10 thousand users participated in on-line seminars and conferences on salient issues of agricultural mechanization. President Malavolti extended his special thanks to the Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova, and to the representatives of the government and institutions who took part in the EDP event.

EDP, the issue of safety in the foreground

EIMA Digital Preview, the first virtual exhibition of agricultural machinery, dedicated Saturday 14 November to the issues of safety, ergonomics, and the prevention of accidents at work in the primary sector. The prevention of accidents with tractors and the devices aimed at improving the well-being of the operator on board the self-propelled machines.

Agronomy, safety and communication: the topics on the EDP calendar

The fourth day of the digital review of agricultural mechanics featured many events centred on cultivation techniques and on the topic of safety, but also on aspects related to information in the sector. A Yearbook brings together all the professionals who deal with communication in the sector's companies, in the competent bodies, and in the specialized media.

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