Alberto Cocchi Prize, 5 thousand euros for students with financial difficulties

Dedicated to the memory of one of the most esteemed Italian agro-mechanical professionals, the award was created with the collaboration of UNACMA. It includes three scholarships (respectively of 2,500, 1,500 and 1,000 euros) to facilitate the professional training of fourth and fifth year students with financial difficulties. During the EIMA Digital Preview, the spotlights were also on the Mech@grijobs workshops, also promoted by UNACMA.

Three scholarships for a total value of 5 thousand euros aimed at facilitating the path of professional integration in the agricultural machinery sector. This is the first edition of the Alberto Cocchi award, presented today during the fourth day of the EIMA Digital Preview, the virtual exhibition of technologies for agriculture. Dedicated to the memory of Alberto Cocchi, one of the most respected professionals in the agro-mechanical sector, who among other things collaborated for a long time with Unacma (National Union of Agricultural Machinery Dealers), the award is intended for students in difficult economic conditions who attend the fourth or fifth year of second degree technical and professional institutes with industrial, mechanical, mechatronic and agricultural curricula throughout Italy. As was explained during the presentation, the three scholarships have a value of 2,500, 1,500 and 1,000 euros respectively, and are intended to cover the costs of a professional internship at one of the agricultural machinery dealers indicated by Unacma. The internship will last 200 hours and will take place while schools are closed. It will allow students to put into practice what they learned during their studies, following an approach of introduction to the world of work. The participation applications can be submitted until 20 December 2020. However, the Cocchi award is not the only initiative planned by Unacma during EIMA Digital Preview: during the five days of the virtual exhibition, the trade association of agricultural machinery dealers organized the Mech@agrijobs workshops, which have been held for many years in schools, at the same time as the industry's most important trade exhibitions. The Mech@grijobs events - explained Unacma - are another important legacy of Aberto Cocchi, who promotered them passionately. He created them with the aim of presenting students and teachers with the skills required to carry out specific professions within the agricultural machinery sector. Up to now - Unacma says - the project has involved more than 8,000 young people, who have been shown job opportunities and areas of integration. Thanks to Mech@agrijobs, which in 2016 was the subject of a memorandum of understanding with the MIUR, many students were able to establish direct contact with the network of Italian dealers. In addition to promoting the connection between job supply and demand, this also made it possible to optimize the training initiatives for young people.


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Registrations of tractors and other types of machinery recorded significant increases in the January-March period, which not only made up for the deficit of the first quarter of 2020, but also pushed sales to record levels. Public support was decisive, with tax incentives for 4.0 and the Sabatini Law. Sales of higher-powered tractors soared.

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