Big debut for EIMA International

Inaugurated yesterday morning at the Bologna Exhibition Centre, the world exhibition of agricultural machinery immediately recorded a great visitor turnout. There were 37,400 visitors on the first day, and strong attendance is also recorded today. On show, the world's best production of machinery and equipment for all types of agriculture. The section dedicated to advanced digital systems and agricultural robots aroused particular interest.

The EIMA world exhibition of agricultural machinery is in full swing in Bologna. Yesterday - which kicked off the event - saw a remarkable turnout of visitors, with a total of 37,400, of whom 13,400 from abroad. The pavilions were crowded also in the morning today, the second day of a show that reserves the first two days for professional tradesmen and opens to the general public in the last three - Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13. The debut figures suggest a very positive closing balance, explains FederUnacoma, the federation of Italian manufacturers that is the direct organiser of the event. The strong point of this exhibition is its technical content: EIMA International showcases all the latest products and the best range produced by the more than 1,500 exhibiting industries (about 60 thousand models in total, made by manufacturers to meet the needs of all types of agriculture). Great interest was aroused by EIMA Digital, dedicated to 4.0 technologies and advanced electronic systems, with the exhibition of autonomous agricultural robots that can replace traditional labour and represent the new frontier of agro-mechanics.

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MEPs at EIMA: a policy for specialised crops

A delegation of 10 parliamentarians visited the agricultural machinery exhibition. A conference, a guided tour and a round table were the programme of an event that highlighted the role of fruit and vegetable crops, which are increasingly important for the market and the profitability of the primary sector.

Still too many work-related accidents in the agricultural sector

Every year in Italy, 100 to 150 fatal accidents occur in the fields, in the EU 500. And the numbers are underestimated. New-generation machines can reduce them significantly, but investment in training is also needed. Ergonomic systems also prevent other health damage: 60 per cent of agricultural workers have a chronic disabling disease.

EIMA Energy: biomass and ecological transition

A workshop on the H2020 project 'BRANCHES', which fosters good practices in this sector, was held as part of the International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery in Bologna.

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