EIMA Agrimach: Indian agro-mechanics exhibition inaugurated

The decision to hold the new edition in the city of Bangalore marks a new direction for the event, which focuses on increasingly technological models of agriculture.

The seventh edition of EIMA Agrimach India, the agricultural machinery exhibition organised by the Indian Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry FICCI, and the Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers FederUnacoma, opened this morning at the Campus of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Bangalore University.
The inaugural ceremony was attended by political authorities and institutional representatives, who emphasised the strategic value of this exhibition in the city of Bangalore, the heart of Karnataka, one of the most important states for agricultural production.
After the success of the first six editions held in New Delhi - said Ullas Kamath, President of FICCI Karnaka, as he opened the meeting - the exhibition lands in Bangalore to continue its mission, that of promoting mechanisation and disseminating new technologies for the various farming sectors of the Indian Subcontinent. The development of mechanisation in the Subcontinent has been impressive in the last ten years, bringing the country to be by far the first market in the world in terms of sales volumes with about one million units registered in 2021 - said FederUnacoma President Alessandro Malavolti in his speech - but Indian mechanisation is facing a new challenge, that of an ever-increasing specialisation for higher value-added crops. It is a challenge that FederUnacoma is ready to take up - added Malavolti - strengthened by the solid and now historical partnership with the FICCI.
The Indian agricultural economy is aiming for growth not only in terms of product quantity, but also in terms of quality - confirmed India's Minister of Agriculture Shobha Klarandaje in her speech - because the country is expressing a growing demand for fresh and diversified products. At the same time, Indian agriculture must adopt cultivation techniques that respect the environment and natural resources - the Minister noted - and these too are objectives that can be achieved through modern mechanisation.
The needs and prospects for the development of Indian agriculture were the focus of the other speakers: T.R. Kesavan, President FICCI Agriculture; Murugesh Nirani, Minister of Medium and Large Industries of the state of Karnataka; S.Rajendra Prasad, Vice-Chancellor, Bangalore University of Agricultural Sciences; and Shri Shivayogi C Kalasad, Secretary of the State Agriculture Department of Karnataka.
Following the opening, the programme of meetings - which also take place at the modern conference centre on the university campus - includes five sessions, respectively devoted to 'Agricultural Economics and Policy', 'Indigenisation of Agriculture - Inputs, Mechanisation and Processes', 'Modernisation of Agriculture - Emerging Technologies', 'Research and Development', and finally 'Agricultural Finance and Insurance'.

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