EIMA Digital: a road map for the November event

The path towards the first edition of the virtual exhibition of agricultural machinery follows a calendar that includes technical deadlines, and communication and training initiatives.The Digital Preview, which takes place from 11 to 15 November, precedes the physical event of February 2021, whose logistical and health aspects are being perfected.

As the month of September begins, the EIMA Digital Preview (EDP) - the virtual reality preview of the international exhibition of agricultural machinery - enters its operational phase.The path towards the digital preview, which takes place from 11 to 15 November and which precedes the opening of the physical exhibition by almost three months, set at the Bologna exhibition centre from 3 to 7 February 2021, has a precise calendar.A series of rendezvous, initiatives and technical deadlines characterize the event's road map, aiming to involve the highest number of participants, optimizing the activity of the exhibiting industries. They will highlighting the importance of an event that is unequalled in the landscape of industry reviews, as an unprecedented experience for all and a tool with extraordinary potential.On 15 September, the registration of visitors and operators to the digital platform on the EIMA website kicks off, a useful element for immediately monitoring access from various countries and orienting communication initiatives more precisely.Also on 15 September, at the same time as the registration of the participants, the Social Media campaign (FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) will be intensified, aimed at disseminating information on the contents and organizational aspects of the EDP.Starting from the second week of September, exhibiting companies will be able to start setting up their own virtual rooms, placing inside them - in the evocative three-dimensional spaces provided in the platform - the gallery of ranges and new products, as well as information material about the company.A calendar will be issued on 23 September, detailing the conferences, seminars, technical and educational events, as well as the live showsthat will animate the Agorà, the large virtual space specifically dedicated to the exhibition's cultural contents.Manufacturers that intend to hold company press conferences and product presentations inside the Agorà will have time until 15 October to notify the organizers and book the space, while each company will still have the option to organize events and meetings directly inside their own room.The busy programme of the Agorà includes the event presenting the finalist models for Tractor of the Year, the competition promoted by the magazine Trattori, set to be streamed on 11 November from the EDP platform. The preview event of the Technical News competition promoted by FederUnacoma, set for 12 November, will also be streamed live.The calendar of initiatives in preparation for the EIMA Digital Preview includes many updates through radio and television broadcasters, websites and the industry press. There will also be seminar events, including the one specifically dedicated to online marketing techniques, offered to all exhibitors and scheduled to be streamed (with simultaneous translation into English) on 25 September.With regard to internationalization activities, on 5 October FederUnacoma will send the updated documentation on the digital Preview, accompanied by multimedia support materials, to the diplomatic network of embassies and ICE offices abroad, for the maximum dissemination of the event in the press and with the operators from each country.In parallel with the preparations for the virtual event, the organization of the physical edition of EIMA International continues, with the development of logistical details and health safety devices for the participants.EIMA International is one of the key events worldwide - the FederUnacoma organizers underline - and it must take place in conditions of maximum safety for all visitors, economic operators and the staff of the exhibiting companies.

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Raw materials: Agricultural mechanics in an emergency

Demand for agricultural technology is growing, but supplies of raw materials are scarce. Ferrous materials and plastics are hard to come by and showed record increases in March, to the detriment of agricultural machinery, which uses large quantities of these materials. In the manufacture of a tractor, the ferrous component accounts for 75% of the total.

Agricultural machinery: market soars in the first quarter

Registrations of tractors and other types of machinery recorded significant increases in the January-March period, which not only made up for the deficit of the first quarter of 2020, but also pushed sales to record levels. Public support was decisive, with tax incentives for 4.0 and the Sabatini Law. Sales of higher-powered tractors soared.

EIMA: dates and programmes for 21-22

A timetable with deadlines and obligations marks the organizational stages of EIMA International 2021, the great exhibition of agricultural machinery to be held in Bologna from October 19 to 23. The dates have also been set for the next edition, which will be staged from 9 to 13 November 2022.

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