FederUnacoma: health safety and innovative marketing the "strong points" of EIMA International

The EIMA press conference of 23 July will be an opportunity to present the new platform for the Digital Preview, which will be held in November, and to provide details on the "traditional" edition set for February 2021. The technical features of the virtual EIMA and the prevention and safety protocols for the "physical" EIMA are the central themes of the conference, which will be streamed and followed by participants from all over the world.

The rendezvous in live streaming is on 23 July, presenting the EIMA Digital Preview, the event that will be held on a digital platform from 11 to 15 November. It will offer exhibitors and visitors a preview of the great agricultural machinery review that will be held at the Bologna exhibition complex from 3 to 7 February 2021.
The EIMA Preview launch conference will take place online at 16:00, and it can be followed in every part of the world by means of simultaneous translation. It will reveal the platform's technical features, the organization of the areas in the EIMA virtual world, the aesthetic solutions, and the overall architecture of the spaces available to the exhibiting companies.
The latter will be able to present their product ranges in their own dedicated rooms, illustrate their technical innovations, and interact remotely with customers and businesspeople. All this represents a bridge to the "physical" edition of EIMA, which will be staged in February with its formidable parade of mechanical machinery, equipment and components, occupying the entire surface of the Bologna exhibition complex and attracting visitors from every continent. The press conference will also provide the most up-to-date data and information on the "traditional" EIMA. After the calendar shift made necessary by the health crisis, this will be the first major event in agricultural mechanics for 2021, the first rendezvous for industry operators after the emergency blocked activities in Europe.
The speakers - Alessandro Malavolti and Simona Rapastella, respectively President and Director General of FederUnacoma - will focus on the health issue, illustrating all the precautionary measures and safety protocols developed for the occasion. Since the beginning of the Covid emergency, the Federation has developed a very complex prevention system, even more rigorous than the standards set by national and international government and health authorities.
Malavolti highlights that "the press conference of 23 July will be an opportunity to analyse the global market scenario. However, its central elements will be innovative marketing, the mix between virtual exhibition and real exhibition, and the measures for the health and safety of the attendees". "We are convinced that the combination of the virtual event and the physical exhibition is the most effective formula for relaunching the agricultural mechanics sector - concludes the president of FederUnacoma - and we are working to ensure that the almost 2,000 participating companies can draw maximum benefits from the new formula in terms of image and business".

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EIMA International, appointment in October

The agricultural machinery exhibition, organized by FederUnacoma at the Bologna exhibition centre, will be held from 19 to 23 October 2021.The choice was guided by the health emergency and the complex needs linked to the trade exhibition calendar and the seasonality of the work processes.From November 2022 the Exposition will return to its normal frequency.

EIMA Digital Preview, a project "in progress"

The digital platform will be perfected quickly, to support the promotional activities of agricultural machinery companies. Over 59 thousand accesses were recorded in the five days of the EDP review, and about 10 thousand users participated in on-line seminars and conferences on salient issues of agricultural mechanization. President Malavolti extended his special thanks to the Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova, and to the representatives of the government and institutions who took part in the EDP event.

EDP, the issue of safety in the foreground

EIMA Digital Preview, the first virtual exhibition of agricultural machinery, dedicated Saturday 14 November to the issues of safety, ergonomics, and the prevention of accidents at work in the primary sector. The prevention of accidents with tractors and the devices aimed at improving the well-being of the operator on board the self-propelled machines.

Agronomy, safety and communication: the topics on the EDP calendar

The fourth day of the digital review of agricultural mechanics featured many events centred on cultivation techniques and on the topic of safety, but also on aspects related to information in the sector. A Yearbook brings together all the professionals who deal with communication in the sector's companies, in the competent bodies, and in the specialized media.

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