FederUnacoma on the Government: a medieval conception of agriculture

The President of agricultural machinery manufacturers disputes the new decree, which excludes the sector from the agri-food chain, preventing supplies to farms that need them urgently. "Our requests and those of farmers are rational and transparent - says Malavolti - while the reasons of those who oppose us are obscure and incomprehensible".

The new decree on the health emergency, launched yesterday evening by the government, once again excludes agricultural machinery (Ateco code 28.30) from the list of necessary sectors. The Decree confirms the need to guarantee agricultural activity, considered fundamental for food supplies, but does not allow the machinery to be produced in order to be able to practice it. Similarly, it allows forestry activities and the activities of the bioenergy supply chains, but without these sectors' operators having access to the mechanical means that are needed to operate.

"It is a medieval concept of agriculture and of the activities in the rural environment - comments the President of FederUnacoma Alessandro Malavolti - because no work can be carried out manually, without adequate machines and spare parts". Agriculture requires tractors, tillers, seeders, machines for treatment, irrigation and harvesting, spare parts, components, and much more - warns the Manufacturers Federation - just like forestry activities and the bioenergy supply chain require tractors, lifters, chainsaws, trailers, chippers, and many other types of machines are needed. The supplies of machinery should be guaranteed to agricultural and forestry enterprises, but this is now impossible by government decree, and many mechanical means already ordered for the most urgent seasonal processes cannot be delivered, with incalculable damage especially for food production.

There is also the aspect of method, regarding the Government's conduct, which is equally serious and which President Malavolti underlines strongly: "The reasons why we asked for the reopening of the factories for the supply of machinery, guaranteeing maximum safety protocols for workers, are clear, well motivated and supported by all the professional agricultural organizations that have reported the emergency related to the lack of machinery". "Conversely - claims the president of the manufacturers - the reasons why our sector, after being correctly included in the new decree, were then excluded at the last moment are incomprehensible and obscure". It appears that, against the advice of the Ministers of Agriculture Bellanova and Economic Development Patuanelli, the union representatives imposed the exclusion of the sector, and this despite the agreements and protocols already developed by the agricultural machinery companies with the territorial union representatives. "This resulted in a cross-eyed and paradoxical decree - concludes President Malavolti - which indicates the strategic nature of the agricultural supply chain and related industrial sectors, and which then prevents, by deleting their codes, the production of the assets that are indispensable to it. "These are serious inconsistencies - concludes Malavolti - on which we will immediately consult the Government".

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