FederUnacoma: the EIMA site and the Federation's priorities

The novelties of EIMA International 2022 presented at the General Metting. More than 1,400 industries have already formalised their participation, and there are numerous initiatives to promote cutting-edge technologies, first and foremost digital and robotics. The overall balance of the structure's activities was outlined. The role of the associations - said General Manager Simona Rapastella - is to offer services to companies, but also to guide the political choices necessary for the development of the production sectors.

A renewed formula for the Digital and Robotics Show, a demonstration area for gardening machinery (Green E-motion), a great preview event for Technical Innovations, and a programme of conventions ranging from sessions dedicated to Italian and European parliamentarians to the International Forum of Agrinfluencers: these are some of the new features of EIMA International 2022. Scenographic decorations in the pavilions and logistic improvements will characterise the exhibition space of this 45th edition - which takes place from 9 to 13 November in Bologna - while an "off-show" programme will include the Gala Dinner at Palazzo Re Enzo and the International Dinner for official foreign businesspeople, highlighting the importance of an event that is at the top of the sector's world stage and involves the entire city of Bologna. Updates on the "EIMA construction site" were provided this afternoon, during the FederUnacoma Annual General Meeting, by General Manager Simona Rapastella, who also announced the current data on the number of exhibitors. To date, 1,400 manufacturers have formalised their participation, of which 950 Italian and 460 foreign, covering 115,000 net square metres, plus about 5,000 of outdoor area. The organisational machine is busy on the front of foreign delegations from 80 countries, and on "focus" initiatives dedicated to countries in Europe, North and Central America and South America, while a specific activity is underway aimed at the diplomatic representations of numerous countries. "EIMA International will be back in November 2022, just one year after the 2021 edition," said Rapastella, "and aims to interpret the expectations of the sector's industries and the public, but also the new trends that are emerging in the exhibition sphere and which see trade shows as the focal moment of the interests of increasingly diverse and complex supply chains.

In addition to providing updates on the review, the General Manager pointed out the salient points of the activities of the various services that make up the FederUnacoma structure. These are engaged on the internationalisation front, with technical support to companies especially in adapting to sector regulations, economic and statistical surveys, but also communication, political lobbying, association marketing and training. "A recent survey carried out by IPSOS," noted Rapastella, "shows how the role of associations has grown in recent years in the perception of citizens and economic players, and this confirms a principle that has always inspired our Federation, according to which the association structure must be able to support public administrations and the political world in identifying sector strategies". "Associations are formed by aggregating a set of technical skills," Rapastella concluded, "but they develop by taking on an increasingly political function.

The latest FederUnacoma press releases


Food safety: Kenya focuses on agricultural mechanisation

The population of the African country has gone from 16 to 55 million in just 40 years, with a cultivable surface area of no more than 20% of the national territory. The acquisition of mechanical technologies to improve land productivity and make better use of the few available water resources is crucial. Italian-Kenyan cooperation in the sector is growing. Presentation of the 45th edition of EIMA International, the exhibition of agricultural machinery that offers the most suitable technologies for the country's needs.

Italian-Ugandan cooperation: meeting at EIMA International

The major exhibition of agricultural machinery, held in Bologna from November 9 to 13, will be attended by a delegation of Ugandan businessmen, interested in the most innovative technologies for increase the country’s productivity. The great variety of crops in Uganda and the different models of farm require the breadth of range that Italian industry can offer, within the framework of an increasingly solid technical and commercial cooperation.

EIMA 2022: the relaunch of cooperation between Ethiopia and Italy

Presented in Addis Ababa, the 45th edition of EIMA, the great exhibition of agricultural machinery promoted by the Federation of Italian Manufacturers. Important role played by the ICE Agency, which is organising the presence at the Bologna Exhibition of a delegation of Ethiopian trade operators. Agriculture is becoming increasingly strategic in the economy of African countries, which are expressing a demand for specific machinery for the crops and agricultural business models in the various countries.

The new FederUnacoma officers

The annual general meeting of FederUnacoma, held this afternoon in Varignana (Bologna), included among the items on the agenda the voting for the renewal of some federation bodies and for the assignment of positions for two new associations joining the Federation.

Italian Implements Manufacturers Association
Italian Self-Propelled Machinery Manufacturers Association
Italian Tractors Manufacturers Association
Italian Components Manufacturers Association
Italian Garden Machinery Manufacturers Association