Gardening machines: stable market in 2019

Sales of green space maintenance machines and equipment held their 2018 levels. After the significant increases recorded in the initial months of the year, demand decreased in the fourth quarter due to bad weather conditions that blocked maintenance operations. The uncertainties related to Coronavirus are affecting the current year.

The market for gardening and green space maintenance machines and equipment closes 2019 with sales levels essentially in line with 2018. This is what emerges from the data processed by the Italian manufacturers' association Comagarden and by the Morgan statistical survey group, which indicate at the end of the year a total of 1,276,000 units sold (including all types of machinery, from self-propelled vehicles to motorized equipment, as well as hand tools) with a 0.1% decrease compared to the 1,277,650 units sold the previous year. The downturn mainly affected chainsaws (-3.9%), snowplows  (-3.6%) and, albeit to a lesser extent, motor hoes (-1.7%), blowers (- 1.6%) and lawn mowers (-1.2%). Pole pruners and garden tractors went decisively against the trend, recording increases of 21.8% and 19.3%. The sales of robotic lawnmowers also grew, reaching 26 thousand units in 2019, thus confirming a growth trend that has characterized this type of vehicle in recent years. A particularly significant trend is the growth, in the various market segments, of  battery-powered machines and equipment, which continue to perform better than models with internal combustion engines. The performance of the chainsaws sector is emblematic: despite ending the year with an overall drop of 3.9%, it nevertheless recorded double-digit increases (30.3%) for battery-powered models. The same dynamic affected lawn mowers: compared to a general drop of 1.2%, battery-powered machines saw a boom compared to 2018, with a 44.5% increase. In short, in 2019 the shift in demand towards low environmental impact power systems that was already establishing itself in 2018 is consolidating. During 2019, weather and climate conditions weighed heavily on market dynamics. The first quarter of 2019, characterized by mild temperatures that led to an earlier vegetative phase of the plants, had driven the sales of gardening machines, recording a +29% increase. However, the boom at the beginning of the year was offset in the following months by worsening weather conditions, which slowed down maintenance, resulting in a significant setback in the fourth quarter (-12.9%) compared to the same period of the previous year. The market trend in 2020 remains highly uncertain due to the slowdown in economic activities due to the emergence of the "Corona Virus", which is also creating serious difficulties in the gardening sector not only on the demand side for machinery, but also on procurement and logistics.





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Agricultural machinery: Eima International "doubles"

The great event presenting machines and equipment for agriculture and green area maintenance responds to the health emergency and moves its 44th edition from mid-November 2020 to early February 2021. However, the November rendezvous is not cancelled, turning instead into a digital mega-event, an absolute innovation in the history of the industry's showcases.

Tractors: Italian market impacted by the health emergency

The sales figures for the first part of the year show a collapse in March, characterized by the slowdown in activities and then by the stoppage of production sites. Even with a reopening of the industrial plants, the second half of the year will remain conditioned by the reduction in the volumes produced and by the lower investment capacity of farms.

FederUnacoma on the Government: a medieval conception of agriculture

The President of agricultural machinery manufacturers disputes the new decree, which excludes the sector from the agri-food chain, preventing supplies to farms that need them urgently. "Our requests and those of farmers are rational and transparent - says Malavolti - while the reasons of those who oppose us are obscure and incomprehensible".

Agricultural machinery: Italian industry does not stop

The risks associated with the spread of Covid-19 impose special prevention rules, but agricultural machinery companies are maintaining good production rates, also to satisfy foreign demand, which accounts for 70% of the sector's turnover. The organization of EIMA International, the world exhibition to be held in Bologna from 11 to 15 November, is running at full capacity.

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