Still too many work-related accidents in the agricultural sector

Every year in Italy, 100 to 150 fatal accidents occur in the fields, in the EU 500. And the numbers are underestimated. New-generation machines can reduce them significantly, but investment in training is also needed. Ergonomic systems also prevent other health damage: 60 per cent of agricultural workers have a chronic disabling disease.

Every year in the EU countries 500 fatal accidents occur in the fields, in Italy there are between 100 and 150, out of a total of 30 thousand accidents. "And the numbers are decidedly underestimated" warns Massimo Cecchini, professor of agricultural mechanics at the University of Tuscia. "New technologies and new-generation machinery can help reduce them significantly, but a strong investment in training is needed." Once again, the agricultural sector has been confirmed as one of the riskiest, as emerged from the meeting 'The future of occupational safety and health in agriculture and forestry', promoted by the University of Tuscia at Eima, the world exhibition of agricultural machinery currently taking place in the halls of BolognaFiere, as part of the Eima Campus calendar of events. Among the main causes of death are tractor overturning, falling from a tree or roof, equipment trauma, drowning or asphyxiation. The problem is not only injuries but also illnesses. The repercussions of working in the fields on the health of farmers are indeed very strong: 60 per cent suffer from disabling chronic diseases. In Europe, the most common complaints of agricultural workers are those of the musculoskeletal system, which could be effectively prevented by ergonomic systems such as those fitted in new machines. Back pain affects 57 per cent of farmers, while 45 per cent complain of pain in their upper limbs and 20 per cent are exposed to noise pollution, due to noise above warning levels. "We must not forget - Cecchini continues - that farmers are also exposed to the risk of substances that are hazardous to human health, such as pesticides, fertilisers and veterinary medicines. The strong trend towards the development of smart, modern, technological, digitised farms, reducing manual labour can potentially reduce all these dangers. This is provided, however, that adequate training is coupled with improved safety management processes. An obstacle to the spread of new technologies that perform better for the safety of workers is also their high costs: small and medium-sized farms in the sector, which form the backbone of the national agricultural system, are often unable to absorb them. One problem is certainly the high average age of farmers, but also the danger of contracting diseases caused by insects and pests. Climate change also negatively affects the health of workers, among whom, as Cecchini explains, "there is an increase in skin cancer".

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Agrilevante, agricultural machinery told in a comic book

Against the backdrop of the Bari exhibition, FederUnacoma is presenting a comic strip entitled "Federunacomics, agricultural machinery in safety", which tells the story of the agro-mechanical sector in the typical language of "comix", addressing an audience of young people interested in agriculture and the correct use of mechanical means.

Agrilevante, a full calendar of events

The exhibition of agricultural machinery for the Mediterranean is approaching its October appointment with a packed calendar of conferences, seminars and workshops. The focus of the event will be on policies and strategies for the development of the region's agricultural economies, as well as technical topics with in-depth studies by universities, sector publishers, and trade associations.

Agrilevante: training experiences for the "new generation"

The exhibition of agricultural machinery for the Mediterranean, staged in Bari from 5 to 8 October, includes initiatives specifically dedicated to students at agricultural and industrial technical institutes. Guided tours, workshops, seminars and driving simulators will be available for young people who aspire to work in contact with the most advanced agro-mechanical technologies.

Agrilevante, the Mediterranean exhibition with a 'global' profile

Around 120 official foreign delegates from 27 countries are expected at the Bari exhibition complex from 5 to 8 October, joined by thousands of independent operators expected from more than 60 countries. Business meetings between the delegations and exhibiting companies, scheduled for 5 and 6 October, will take place in a pavilion specially set up in the northern area of the Fiera del Levante. FederUnacoma: "the Bari exhibition has a Mediterranean vocation but is also confirmed as a pole of attraction for other agricultural economies".

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