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Club of Bologna

Club of Bologna

The Club of Bologna was established in 1989 on the initiative and with the support of FederUnacoma and under the auspices of C.I.G.R. as an open association for the purpose of bringing together the leading world experts in agricultural mechanization at least once each year. All this for discussions on the preeminent issues of strategies for the development of the mechanical-agricultural sector in the various countries, drawing comparisons of different experiences in differing geographic areas and, at the end of the work sessions, formulating conclusions and recommendations with overall validity. These points are then submitted for the attention of the governments in the various countries as well as for that of researchers, workers in agriculture and the world of the mechanical-agricultural industries for activities which might be undertaken.

The club counts representatives from 42 countries and 103 Full Members named from the spheres of research, 72%, industry, 17%, and experts, 5%, who are flanked by eight Associate Members who follow the work of the organization.

The club is backed by Committee of Directors made up of 18 Full Members from 11 countries, 11 from Europe, 2 from the United States, one from Africa, 3 from Asia and one Australian.

The club’s offices of the president and the Technical Secretariat are quartered in the Institute of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Milan and the Administrative Secretariat is located in FederUnacoma facilities in Rome.

Professor Luigi Bodria is the president of the Club of Bologna.