Membership in agencies and organizations

Coordination for manufacturing

FederUnacoma in 2010 started up manufacturing coordination for reviving competitiveness in Italian manufacturing industries along with the associations Amafond, Anima, Assofond, Assomet, Federacciaci (in the steel working and mechanical sector), Assocarta (paper production chain) and Federazione Confindustria Ceramics e Laterizi (ceramics-building materials).

This work of coordination is based on real conditions in an area which counts 4,500 enterprises and workforces totaling 615,000 and capable of accounting for one-third of Italian GDP and nearly 80% of the country’s exports. This coordination provides a unique opportunity for formulating proposals and contributing to the return of basic industries and real economic conditions to the center of the country’s political and economic debate.

Among the pivotal issues in the coordination work are those for assigning top priority to energy, taxation, infrastructure and re-launching exports.