Membership in agencies and organizations



Since it was formed, FederUnacoma has been a component of ENAMA, National Institute for Agricultural Mechanization, an institute created for providing the mechanical-agricultural sector with an efficient instrument for supporting and contributing to greater technological competitiveness and the recognition of the performance and safety of the entire production chain, the manufacturers, commercial, businesspeople in agriculture and agri-mechanics.

Other equal partners in the institute guaranteeing impartiality and high competence, under DPR 361/2000 legislation are: the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policy, the regions, Assocap, the Cia, Coldiretti and Confagricoltura farmers associations, Unacma and Unima. The operational agency of reference for the institute is CRA-ING, the agricultural Research and Experimental Council - Agricultural Mechanization Experimental Institute.

ENAMA works in the regulatory sector for interpreting and developing new norms, UNI, EN, ISO, OECD etc.; on new technologies for identifying and promoting the development of new lines of mechanization; on safety for operators and the environment with the production of print documents, guidelines and the like, the staging of demonstrations and training programs with special attention focused on safety; on quality certifications as the certification agency on the performance and safety of machinery; in the development of studies and research on bio-fuels, engines, impact on the environment, etc.; on statistics, including an annual report on residues in the mechanical-agricultural sector and fuel consumption and other initiatives.

ENAMA is also the founder and coordinator of Entam, the European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines.

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