Membership in agencies and organizations



FederUnacoma has been an official member of the Federation of Construction Confindustria since 2010 through Comamoter, the association of earthmoving machinery manufacturers in FederUnacoma. The construction federation unites all the most representative associations in this vast sector.

FederUnacoma/Comamoter belong to the production chain Technologies, Plant and Machinery Associated with Civil Construction Federcostruzioni along with Anima, which counts as many as 18 associations including Ucomesa for worksite machinery and plant and, as an associate member, Cantiermacchine for the distribution of earthmoving machinery.

With more than 100 associations as members representing 30,000 enterprises, Federcostruzioni’s activities are centered on coordination for the purpose of identifying economic policy and institutional initiatives for furthering the interests of the sector of such enormous importance for the national economy.

Thanks the membership in the federation, the Comamoter associated industries are provided with a comprehensive institutional framework within which it is possible to strongly represent the specific requests of these enterprises, including the mechanical industries at work in the construction chain.