Membership in agencies and organizations


Federveicoli was formed in 2009 as a federation in the sector of national associations of vehicle and components manufacturers established in agreement with ANCMA, the National Cycle, Motorcycle, Accessories Association, ANFIA, the National Automobile Industry Association, and the Unacoma of the time, now FederUnacoma.

For this federation, the priority is responding to the requirement of optimizing the services provided by the three federated associations and representing the general and collective interests of the entire national vehicle production chain and allied industries from the automotive industry to two, three and four-wheel vehicles and on to the manufacturers of tractors, agricultural machinery, machinery for gardening and earthmoving machinery.

Federveicoli speaks for the associated Ancma, Anfia e FederUnacoma in dealings with institutions and administrations, with the National Manufacturers Federation, Confindustria, and other associations and foundations. A legitimate role strengthened by the economic and political weight of the entire organization: more than 780 member companies with a total workforce of some 333,000 direct and affiliated workers accounting for sales of € 77 billion annually. These figures make Federviecoli the second largest sector federation in the nation following ANCE, the National Association of Building Contractors.

Federveicoli is coordinated by a president chosen from among the presidents of the founding associations and named on a rotation basis by the federation board of directors. The current president of the federation is Massimo Goldoni.