The activities of FederUnacoma are mainly in the areas of technical planning, economics and statistics, assistance and promotions and communications, all of which working together take on a “cultural and specialize character for dealings with outsiders, institutions as well as professionals, on the mechanization front as a factor for socio-economic growth in various sectors of work.

FederUnacoma formulates proposals of interest for the category represented for drafting incentive legislation to introduce in various ways for the mechanization represented and measures for facilitating the technological renovation of the obsolete machinery inventory.

For carrying out its work, FederUnacoma relies on the support of the Unacoma Service service company, a fully controlled member of the federation. The purpose of the company is to provide services in Italy and abroad predominantly in the sector of agricultural, worksite and gardening machinery and for the components and affiliated industries. Unacoma Service is the company of reference for communications, marketing and assistance for the member companies and promotions abroad.

Moreover, Unacoma Service organizes such great events as Eima International, Eima Show, EimaAgrimach and Agrilevante ensures administrative and information service for these events and coordinates control and manages supplies.

For its part, FederUnacoma plays its own role in promoting an entrepreneurial mentality on mechanization also through membership in national and international agencies and organizations active in these sectors of reference.