Technical and regulatory assistance

Playing a role as interface between the design and research and development departments of the member companies and the institutional sphere of reference.

Definition, dissemination and assistance as regards: European Union Directives and safety and performance norms in CEN quarters and in connection with ISO for compliance with the Machine Directive.

Participation in technical activities conducted by the European associations in the sector (Cema, Cece, EGMF and Euromot).

Relations with Italian institutions, ministries, INAIL, the regions, etc. for defining national measures, writing EC measures into national legislation and evaluating the problems associated with travel on public highways and market control activities.

Collaboration with research institutes, test laboratories and universities for promotion of specific research and technical services for member companies.

Support for member companies for the application and updating of regulations and norms on safety, protecting the environment and homogolation of machinery for road travel.

Organization of workshops and seminars for exhaustive studies of technical issues.