Organization of events

Eima International - Bologna I
Organization of the biennial trade fair Eima International, the International Exposition of Agricultural and Gardening Machinery, featuring new products, updates and information on the world mechanical-agricultural sector which draws for every edition the participation of some 1,800 exhibiting companies representing more than 40 countries for the presentation of 22,000 models of machinery and equipment.

Eima Show - Held in various locations
Organization of the Eima Show event, a day of demonstrations of agricultural machinery and the presentation of trials in the field and new technologies for agriculture.

Agrilevante - Bari I
In cooperation with the Fiera del Levante, the organization of the biennial event Agrilevante, the International Exposition of Machinery, Plant and Technologies for Agricultural Production Chains, targeted not only on production but also on processing, transformation, conservation and packaging of products typical of the Mediterranean in the sectors of cereals, non-food energy crops, olive cultivation and olive oil, vegetable and fruit cultivation, wine production and livestock raising.

Eima Agrimach - New Delhi, India
In cooperation with Ficci (Federation of Industries Chambers of Commerce India) the organization of Eima Agrimach, a biennial review of agricultural machinery and equipment with dynamic trials in the field.