FederUnacoma activities on the technical-regulatory front is broken down into a number of areas from participation in ISO and CEN technical committees to contributions to the formulation and implementation of EU Directives on the responsibilities of manufacturers for agricultural and earthmoving machinery, the homologation tractors, engine exhaust emissions and noise emissions.

FederUnacoma represents the interests of the member companies in various national, European Union and international legislative quarters for bringing in legislation as compatible as possible with the manufacturers in our merchandise sector. The federation studies problems connected with design, construction, improvements in safety and comfort and the performance of machinery and equipment and their technologies. The federation draws special attention to regulatory and legislative aspects. These activities are conducted through the federation’s direct participation in the elaboration of these measures in institutional quarters.

Areas for technical-regulatory intervention by FederUnacoma:

  • Agricultural and Earthmoving Machinery Technical norms;
  • European Union Directives;
  • OECD Codes;
  • ECE-UN Regulations;
  • Italian Laws and Decrees;
  • Ministry Circulars and ISPESL Guidelines;
  • Technical Seminars.