November 9/13, 2016 - Eima International (Bologna, I)
The great exposition of agricultural mechanics came to a close with the new record of 285,000 visitors from 140 countries arriving in the Bologna trade fair quarters. A large number of business meetings and widespread interest shown by the news and social media for the event staged as a great festive event for agriculture and the earth.
October 2017 – Agrilevante (Bari, I)
The event is dedicated to machines, plants and technologies for agriculture, and is the most important event in the field of agriculture, not only for the central and southern Italy, but for the entire Mediterranean basin, Europe and the Balkans middle East.
December 7/9, 2017 – Eima Agrimach (New Delhi, India)
EIMA Agrimach India is the window interface to the global agricultural equipment and machinery market, current trends, growth drivers, new product innovations, recent industry activity, and undiluted focus on global majors who represent this booming sector. It is the only business to business event of its kind offering a single venue interface between Indian & global players in the agri-machinery sector. The event is organized from FederUnacoma and Ficci.
August 26/28, 2016 - Eima Show (Pune, India)
The event will make it possible to witness machinery and equipment for various full field crops at work with a special focus on grape and fruit production. The days are organized by FederUnacoma in collaboration with the Emilia Romagna Region. The trials will be held at the National Research Center for Grapes, in the Maharashtra Region.
November 9/13, 2016 - Eima International (Bologna, I)
EIMA Green is the area reserved for mechanical and equipment technologies for gardening and grounds keeping in the EIMA International exposition. The salon will be the site for the exhibitions of all the leading manufacturers arriving from around the world presenting complete ranges of the most innovative instruments for the creation and maintenance of greenery.
November 9/13, 2016 - Eima International (Bologna, I)
EIMA Components is the specialized salon in EIMA International dedicated to the vast categories in the world of components built by industries from around the world bringing their most recent product solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), spare parts and accessories at the core of mechanization technologies.
November 9/13, 2016 - Eima International (Bologna, I)
EIMA International has been hosting over a number of editions the salon on technologies for the use of energy sources of agricultural and forestry origin, EIMA Energy. The salon is organized in collaboration with ITABIA, Italian Biomass Association, and has become the most qualified appointment for business people in the sector over the years.
November 9/13, 2016 - Eima International (Bologna, I)
EIMA M.i.A. is the salon dedicated to Multifunctional Agriculture providing an interactive exhibition area with machinery and equipment immersed in a setting of greenery along with services for developing and strengthening rural activities based on the environment, landscape and culture.


Eima International
9-13 November 2016
12-15 October 2017
Eima Agrimach
New Delhi
7-9 December 2017
Eima Show
26-28 August 2016


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