Contractors as knowledge multipliers

Contractors are called upon to play a central role in the transition towards agriculture 4.0, informing farmers about the advantages and opportunities offered by new cultivation practices and new technologies. The theme discussed during the conference "The role of agro-mechanics in an ecological transition" held on the second day of EIMA International

Innovation, and with it the theme of digital transition, are at the centre of the 44th edition of EIMA International, the great exhibition of agricultural and gardening machinery being held in Bologna until 23 October. Numerous meetings, seminars and workshops are dedicated to this important theme. Particulary interesting among these was the conference entitled "The role of agro-mechanics in an ecological transition", organised by the Confederation of Italian Agromechanics and Farmers (Cai), which took place on Wednesday 20 October during the second day of the exhibition. Digitisation is revolutionising the primary sector and this calls for a radical change in mentality. In particular, farmers must seize the economic and environmental advantages of precision farming and minimum tillage techniques. In this perspective - the conference explained - farmers can play a fundamental role as knowledge 'multipliers'. But to do so, they must invest in training. “We must prepare ourselves to propose these innovations. We have to grow in terms of training to convince farms to use innovation,” said Gianni Dalla Bernardina, president of CAI, opening the conference. “We have to be ready and the agro-mechanical register can help select companies capable of providing these services in the field, but also consultancy to guide farmers towards a new way of farming.”

European policies are also pushing in this direction. Under the new CAP 2023-2027, farmers are being asked to make an increasingly decisive and concrete commitment to preserve soil fertility and help combat climate change. “In order to meet these requirements, farmers need a change of pace, and contractors must be able to direct them towards innovation, supply chain contracts and business networks,” stressed agronomist and journalist Roberto Bartolini. But precision farming requires more than a satellite dish. You need knowledge, you need to put together data and know how to interpret them in order to make the right agronomic decisions. In order to be competitive, agro-mechanical companies will have to equip themselves with agronomists and computer scientists. Contractors must not only carry out cultivation operations in the field; they must also - as emerged from the work of the conference - become true consultants able to provide farmers with information on the best agronomic strategies to adopt, but also on the contributions that the Pac and Psr will make available if certain practices are adopted.


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AEF: new app to check ISOBUS compatibility

An application was presented during EIMA 2021 that allows agricultural equipment dealers, manufacturers and farmers to check the compatibility of equipment produced by various brands with the ISOBUS protocol.

EIMA, stronger than anything

The world exhibition of agricultural machinery closes in Bologna with extraordinary results. The "EIMA people" overcame post-Covid uncertainties and consecrated the show as a leading event on the exhibition scene. Certified data released by FederUnacoma and BolognaFiere indicate 270,700 visitors, 25,900 of whom from abroad. A great success for an event that will return in November 2022 and then resume its natural biennial schedule.

Paolo De Castro takes stock of EU agricultural policies at EIMA

"No farmer shall be left behind. That's why we need time and resources for the European Farm to Fork plan. The first deputy chairman of the EU Agriculture Commission, Paolo De Castro, was the protagonist of a public meeting with Alessandro Malavolti, president of FederUnacoma, held during EIMA, the international exhibition of agricultural and gardening machinery.

The revival of green design with the "Gardens of Petra" competition

The culture of green and gardens conquers spaces at the Antiques Fair of Modena, where from 5 to 13 February 2022 the works of 15 European designers will be exhibited, called to compare experiences and skills with their installations. In November the announcement of the competition - announced today as part of EIMA in Bologna - which is open to architects, agronomists and landscape architects, and promoted by Fondazione Biohabitat and Aiapp, together with fiera di Modena.

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