The activities of FederUnacoma are mainly in the areas of technical planning, economics and statistics, assistance and promotions and communications, all of which working together take on a “cultural and specialize character for dealings with outsiders, institutions as well as professionals, on the mechanization front as a factor for socio-economic growth in various sectors of work.

FederUnacoma formulates proposals of interest for the category represented for drafting incentive legislation to introduce in various ways for the mechanization represented and measures for facilitating the technological renovation of the obsolete machinery inventory.

For carrying out its work, FederUnacoma relies on the support of the FederUnacoma Surl service company, a fully controlled member of the federation. The purpose of the company is to provide services in Italy and abroad predominantly in the sector of agricultural, worksite and gardening machinery and for the components and affiliated industries. Unacoma Service is the company of reference for communications, marketing and assistance for the member companies and promotions abroad.

Moreover, Unacoma Service organizes such great events as Eima International, Eima Show, EimaAgrimach and Agrilevante ensures administrative and information service for these events and coordinates control and manages supplies.

For its part, FederUnacoma plays its own role in promoting an entrepreneurial mentality on mechanization also through membership in national and international agencies and organizations active in these sectors of reference.

Collaboration with institutions

Ex Ice Agency promotional plan
Collaboration with Italian institutions for drafting an Ex Ice Agency Promotional Plan for receiving public funds for the support of promotional activities abroad.

Support for economic policies
Developing projects, analyses and proposals at the level of institutions for implementing economic policy in support of the sector.

New legislative and new regulatory proposals
Participation in drafting proposals for new technical norms for the definition of new legislation and new measures related to the design and construction of machinery.

Technical and regulatory assistance

Playing a role as interface between the design and research and development departments of the member companies and the institutional sphere of reference.

Definition, dissemination and assistance as regards: European Union Directives and safety and performance norms in CEN quarters and in connection with ISO for compliance with the Machine Directive.

Participation in technical activities conducted by the European associations in the sector (Cema, Cece, EGMF and Euromot).

Relations with Italian institutions, ministries, INAIL, the regions, etc. for defining national measures, writing EC measures into national legislation and evaluating the problems associated with travel on public highways and market control activities.

Collaboration with research institutes, test laboratories and universities for promotion of specific research and technical services for member companies.

Support for member companies for the application and updating of regulations and norms on safety, protecting the environment and homogolation of machinery for road travel.

Organization of workshops and seminars for exhaustive studies of technical issues.


International support
Preparing reports, studies and surveys on companies abroad in support of the international activities of the companies.

Financial instruments
Identifying financial instruments available which can be activated by Italian and foreign institutions in support of interventions in technological innovation, the promotion of Italian products and setting up international joint ventures.

Promotional initiatives
The creation, completion and assistance for initiatives for promotion abroad, in cooperation with the Ministry for Economic Development and the ex-ICE (Foreign Trade Institute) Agency.

Organization of meetings and workshops
Organization of meetings and conventions in foreign countries involving international businesspeople for the promotion of the companies and their products.

Organization of events

Eima International - Bologna I
Organization of the biennial trade fair Eima International, the International Exposition of Agricultural and Gardening Machinery, featuring new products, updates and information on the world mechanical-agricultural sector which draws for every edition the participation of some 1,800 exhibiting companies representing more than 40 countries for the presentation of 22,000 models of machinery and equipment.

Eima Show - Held in various locations
Organization of the Eima Show event, a day of demonstrations of agricultural machinery and the presentation of trials in the field and new technologies for agriculture.

Agrilevante - Bari I
In cooperation with the Fiera del Levante, the organization of the biennial event Agrilevante, the International Exposition of Machinery, Plant and Technologies for Agricultural Production Chains, targeted not only on production but also on processing, transformation, conservation and packaging of products typical of the Mediterranean in the sectors of cereals, non-food energy crops, olive cultivation and olive oil, vegetable and fruit cultivation, wine production and livestock raising.

Eima Agrimach - New Delhi, India
In cooperation with Ficci (Federation of Industries Chambers of Commerce India) the organization of Eima Agrimach, a biennial review of agricultural machinery and equipment with dynamic trials in the field.

Economic-statistical analyses

Studies of trends in the sector and market analyses
Elaboration of statistics, economic information and market trends in the sector: production and registrations, the domestic market, exports and imports for the entire sector and single merchandise categories.

Forecast studies
Development of current and medium-term forecasts and economic trends for the evolution of production and the markets in Italy and abroad.

Communications and training

Dissemination of news and information on the sectors represented, press releases, notes, focus, video, in part through meetings and events for an ever greater awareness of mechanization and all its technical and socio-economic aspects set up for political and institutional figures of reference, businesspeople in the sectors represented, the media and for public opinion in general.

Publication of the review MondoMacchina/MachineryWorld, the only periodical dedicated to information for the sector published fully bilingual, Italian and English, and circulated in Italy and abroad.

Organization of training seminars on issues of technical and materials interest targeted on companies in the sector. Also working in cooperation with specialized agencies and others, the elaboration of training projects related above all to the development of human resources and new professionalism.

Representation in EU quarters

Since 2001 the federation has been accredited with the EU institutions, the Commission, the European Parliament and the Italian Representation agencies, the Italian Permanent Representation to the European Union and the Italian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, and has its own representation offices in Brussels.

The purpose of the federation’s activities in the European setting is to promote and consolidate direct relations with EC institutions and present proposals aimed at drawing a European focus on problems and specific issues in the sector represented to thereby foster the elaboration and implementation of policies and sensitive norms.

Brussels office
1, Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée
B 1040 Brussels

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