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Year 2020


EIMA International, appointment in October

The agricultural machinery exhibition, organized by FederUnacoma at the Bologna exhibition centre, will be held from 19 to 23 October 2021.The choice was guided by the health emergency and the complex needs linked to the trade exhibition calendar and the seasonality of the work processes.From November 2022 the Exposition will return to its normal frequency.

EIMA Digital Preview, a project "in progress"

The digital platform will be perfected quickly, to support the promotional activities of agricultural machinery companies. Over 59 thousand accesses were recorded in the five days of the EDP review, and about 10 thousand users participated in on-line seminars and conferences on salient issues of agricultural mechanization. President Malavolti extended his special thanks to the Minister of Agriculture Teresa Bellanova, and to the representatives of the government and institutions who took part in the EDP event.

EDP, the issue of safety in the foreground

EIMA Digital Preview, the first virtual exhibition of agricultural machinery, dedicated Saturday 14 November to the issues of safety, ergonomics, and the prevention of accidents at work in the primary sector. The prevention of accidents with tractors and the devices aimed at improving the well-being of the operator on board the self-propelled machines.

Agronomy, safety and communication: the topics on the EDP calendar

The fourth day of the digital review of agricultural mechanics featured many events centred on cultivation techniques and on the topic of safety, but also on aspects related to information in the sector. A Yearbook brings together all the professionals who deal with communication in the sector's companies, in the competent bodies, and in the specialized media.

“The machine that I would like”: young people speak

The competition between agricultural institutes to develop new agricultural machinery "concepts", promoted by Agia (CIA) and FederUnacoma, was presented as part of the EDP. The projects will have to refer to specific mechanical means for internal areas, useful for revitalizing the range of activities that are possible in a rural environment. The award ceremony will be held at EIMA in Bologna in 2021.

City and peri-urban area: a "green" project

In order to have greener cities, it is necessary to learn to also take care of the territory that surrounds them and to involve farmers in activities other than production in the fields. Green cities and hydrogeological instability were discussed today at the EIMA Digital Preview in a conference organized by the BioHabitat foundation.

Drones in agriculture: functions and regulations

Drones and targeted operations on crops were at the centre of a webinar promoted by the magazine Macchine Trattori and DronEzine, as part of the thematic events of EDP, the first virtual exhibition of agricultural machinery. During the meeting, space will also be given to the regulatory aspects related to the use of this technology in agriculture

Training must also be green: this way the labour market will once again absorb young people and the unemployed. Thanks to the EU funds

Advances on the new budget law were made this morning by Undersecretary for Labour Francesca Puglisi, who spoke at the EIMA Preview. During an event organized by Biohabitat, the representative of the Government illustrated the principles and the economic endowment of the new measures to fight unemployment.

Alberto Cocchi Prize, 5 thousand euros for students with financial difficulties

Dedicated to the memory of one of the most esteemed Italian agro-mechanical professionals, the award was created with the collaboration of UNACMA. It includes three scholarships (respectively of 2,500, 1,500 and 1,000 euros) to facilitate the professional training of fourth and fifth year students with financial difficulties. During the EIMA Digital Preview, the spotlights were also on the Mech@grijobs workshops, also promoted by UNACMA.

From “smart farming” to digging machines, the many topics of EIMA Preview

Also on the third day, the calendar of on-line events offered central topics for agricultural machinery. Still in the foreground, digital technologies and the most diverse applications of agriculture 4.0. These were the subjects of lectures and seminars promoted by Italian and foreign universities as part of the EIMA Campus initiative.

Mexico and the United States, two countries at the heart of EDP

In addition to business meetings with foreign delegations, the internationalization activity carried out at the EDP virtual exhibition also includes a focus on the most important markets for Italian manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Focus on Mexico and the USA during the first two days of the digital exhibition.

Sports gardeners: at the EIMA preview we talk about the new professionals courted by coaches to win on the pitch

They are called groundsmen and are already sought after abroad because they are decisive for winning on the pitch. A recently established school is already training the new Italian groundsmen. The Italian in charge of the official pitch of Nizza football also participated in the seminar, broadcast on the EDP platform.

EDP, all the machinery "on the net"

Yesterday was the second day of EIMA Digital Preview dedicated to technological innovation, with seminars and conferences on the sector's salient issues. Thirty events took place on the platform, from those relating to 4.0 systems to those on remote technical support and new professional skills for mechanization.

EDP, a showcase for innovations

In the first two days of EDP, the virtual exhibition dedicated to agricultural machinery, the spotlights are aimed at the topic of technological innovation, with the presentation of the winners of the first round of the "Technical News 2020/21" competition, and the presentation of the finalists of Tractor of the Year 2021.

EDP, focus on agriculture 4.0

The second day of EDP, the virtual exhibition of agricultural machinery, gave special emphasis to the topic of agriculture 4.0 technologies. There were numerous meetings and webinars that presented machines, systems and agricultural practices which are currently available, and that suggested scenarios for the near future.

Bamboo walls and willow domes. Plants become building materials

The use of plant-based materials instead of cement and synthetic materials is gaining ground, not only for a new philosophy of living, but also for the functional characteristics that these matrerials can offer.

Agrievolution meeting, on the EDP platform

Representatives of the world manufacturers' association complain of too many legislative differences from country to country for the registration of tractors. Efforts are being made to harmonize the procedures and to have more and more digital machines.

Training and employment: prospects in the "green" sector

The first of a series of meetings promoted by the BioHabitat Foundation on the theme of gardening and the care of green spaces was held within the EIMA Digital Preview. Interest in the sector is growing, and with it, interesting job opportunities are opening up for green area technicians and maintenance staff. The Nemeton Upper Training School and the EIMA Green Academy as pilot experiences in the field of training.

EDP, internationalization is the protagonist of the inaugural day

The opening event of EDP, the first virtual exhibition of agricultural machinery, focused on internationalization and foreign markets. The Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Manlio Di Stefano, noted the importance of exports for Italian agromechanics, while the president of the ICE Agency, Carlo Ferro, focused on the business-to-business meetings scheduled during the event. The commissioner for Agriculture of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Alessio Mammi, instead underlined the importance of EIMA International and EDP for the local economy.

EIMA Digital Preview, a debut full of rendezvous

Numerous events took place online on the first day of the virtual exhibition of agricultural machinery. The many topics covered by the conferences and web seminars included environmentally friendly techniques, applied electronics, and the new EU agricultural policy. Important live meetings covered AGIA activities dedicated to young farmers and on the finalist models of the Tractor of the Year award.

EIMA digital: activities slowed down by the blocking of servers

The inaugural day was affected by the vast police operation against computer piracy that led to the blocking of thousands of servers in Italy and Europe. Traffic slowed down on the platform, but the balance was still positive, with thousands of visitors and 30 online streamed conferences.

EIMA Digital Preview, a virtual universe

EDP, the first digital exhibition dedicated to agricultural machinery, opens on Wednesday 11 November at 9:00. Based on a three-dimensional platform, developed on the specific needs of the agro-mechanical sector, the online showcase offers visitors an immersive experience that allows them to move in the event's virtual universe as if they were inside a physical space.

Agricultural machinery: new unknowns in a recovering market

Sales figures in the US, India, Germany and other countries indicate a sharp recovery after the crisis of last spring, but the new health emergency risks halting the sector. Registrations are recovering also in Italy, but production risks having a setback if the logistical and transport difficulties were to slow down exports.

Agricultural machinery: market recovering in September

Positive balance for the month in all the main machine categories. Double-digit increases for tractors, which posted a generous +20.7%. Despite the recovery in September, the balance of the first nine months of the year is still in deficit, given the heavy losses caused by the lockdown last spring. A further recovery in sales volumes is possible at the end of the year.

SACE and FederUnacoma alongside agricultural machinery manufacturers

The agreement in support of the internationalization and development of SMEs in the sector has been renewed

EIMA International: the "green corridors" for foreign businesspeople are coming

The organizational offices of the world exhibition of agricultural machinery launch the procedures required to authorize the arrival of foreign businesspeople to the exhibition. Due to the small number of nations that cannot benefit from the preferential route established for trade exhibitions, business contacts will be possible through the virtual platform EIMA Digital Preview, active from 11 to 15 November 2020.

EIMA International, "active safety"

The organizational machine of EIMA works to ensure the highest level of health facilities and safety standards. To date, approximately 1,600 companies have confirmed their participation and intend to contribute in a vigilant and responsible way to the success of the showcase. In the months of September, October and November alone, the general exhibition landscape will include 25 important exhibitions in the major Italian exhibition districts; the Covid emergency is manageable and must not induce companies to give up.

FederUnacoma, new directors elected

The board members of the five industry associations that make up FederUnacoma, the Federation of agricultural machinery manufacturers, have been renewed. The members of the General Board have also been elected. Appointed on alternate years from the chairman and deputy chairman, the directors will remain in office for two years, renewable with a mandate that may be renewed.

EIMA International: a "personalized" plan for health safety

BolognaFiere and FederUnacoma establish a "Technical Group of Safety Experts" in preparation for the world exhibition of agricultural machinery, which will take place from 3 to 7 February 2021. In addition to the health protocols already required for all exhibition events, EIMA International implements additional initiatives that take into account the specific characteristics. Strengthening of security personnel, speeding up accesses, special APPs to control the flow of the public in the various areas of the exhibition centre; these are just some of the measures announced to make the Bologna exhibition even safer. The digital Preview, which will be held on a virtual platform from 11 to 15 November, will be very useful, allowing operators to pre-select the areas of interest and optimize their calendar of meetings at the Exhibition.

EIMA Digital: a road map for the November event

The path towards the first edition of the virtual exhibition of agricultural machinery follows a calendar that includes technical deadlines, and communication and training initiatives.The Digital Preview, which takes place from 11 to 15 November, precedes the physical event of February 2021, whose logistical and health aspects are being perfected.

The Agorà space on the EIMA platform: a "university" to discover agro-mechanics

The portal area dedicated to conferences and cultural events is particularly rich and dynamic. In the five days of the Digital Preview, institutions, associations and specialized publishing houses will create a calendar of online events. These will be interesting not only because of the selected topics, but also for the captivating presentation methods and innovative languages.

EIMA International 2021, an exhibition under the banner of safety

Scheduled in Bologna from 3 to 7 February, the great event of agricultural machinery ensures compliance with rigorous safety standards that supplement national and international regulations with organizational and logistical criteria specifically designed for this exhibition. Among the most significant innovations, the wi-fi control room for monitoring the crowding of the exhibition venues, the task force responsible for controlling any gatherings, and the booking service for refreshment points.

EIMA Digital Preview, the first virtual review of agricultural machinery

Around 2,000 companies will participate in the virtual EIMA Digital Preview exhibition, dedicated to agricultural machinery and technologies, which takes place from 11 to 15 November. Organized on the basis of the 14 product categories of EIMA International, the exhibition spaces of the digital exhibition are structured into virtual rooms. There are six types of stands provided, according to the square metres assigned to the companies participating in EIMA International.

Agricultural machinery: a "platform" for market recovery

The digital edition of EIMA International, which allows you to experience the exhibition in virtual reality, aims to ferry the market towards a recovery. The data on tractor sales in April and May, which were most directly affected by the stoppage of activities for the Covid emergency, indicate decreases in Europe of 25.8% and 22.6% respectively, with an overall reduction of 12% in the first five months of the year. Demand is growing in other areas of the world: businesspeople from 40 countries are expected at EIMA Digital Preview.

FederUnacoma: health safety and innovative marketing the "strong points" of EIMA International

The EIMA press conference of 23 July will be an opportunity to present the new platform for the Digital Preview, which will be held in November, and to provide details on the "traditional" edition set for February 2021. The technical features of the virtual EIMA and the prevention and safety protocols for the "physical" EIMA are the central themes of the conference, which will be streamed and followed by participants from all over the world.

Gardening machines: market in decline

With a 23.1% drop in the first three months of the year, the gardening sector is suffering from the health emergency. The March figure, characterized by the sharp reduction in activities, affected the balance sheet for the quarter and saw almost all product segments decline. Battery-powered models are still growing, on average for the quarter. According to Comagarden and the Morgan survey group, sales will pick up from May, but last year's levels cannot be recovered. A 9% decline is expected at the end of the year.

Agricultural machinery: Eima International "doubles"

The great event presenting machines and equipment for agriculture and green area maintenance responds to the health emergency and moves its 44th edition from mid-November 2020 to early February 2021. However, the November rendezvous is not cancelled, turning instead into a digital mega-event, an absolute innovation in the history of the industry's showcases.

Tractors: Italian market impacted by the health emergency

The sales figures for the first part of the year show a collapse in March, characterized by the slowdown in activities and then by the stoppage of production sites. Even with a reopening of the industrial plants, the second half of the year will remain conditioned by the reduction in the volumes produced and by the lower investment capacity of farms.

FederUnacoma on the Government: a medieval conception of agriculture

The President of agricultural machinery manufacturers disputes the new decree, which excludes the sector from the agri-food chain, preventing supplies to farms that need them urgently. "Our requests and those of farmers are rational and transparent - says Malavolti - while the reasons of those who oppose us are obscure and incomprehensible".

Agricultural machinery: Italian industry does not stop

The risks associated with the spread of Covid-19 impose special prevention rules, but agricultural machinery companies are maintaining good production rates, also to satisfy foreign demand, which accounts for 70% of the sector's turnover. The organization of EIMA International, the world exhibition to be held in Bologna from 11 to 15 November, is running at full capacity.

Gardening machines: stable market in 2019

Sales of green space maintenance machines and equipment held their 2018 levels. After the significant increases recorded in the initial months of the year, demand decreased in the fourth quarter due to bad weather conditions that blocked maintenance operations. The uncertainties related to Coronavirus are affecting the current year.

Mechanization, farms fall back on used machinery

The national tractor market in 2019 stalled at 18,579 units, while sales of used machines soared to 39,800. Brand new vehicles grew by 0.7% in the year compared to a 5.3% increase for second-hand ones. The drop in agricultural incomes (which fell by 2.6% in 2019) reduces the investment capacity of businesses, fuelling a fallback market that worsens the quality and environmental impact of agricultural processes.

Agricultural machinery market, an uneven picture

Data on the sales of tractors in the leading countries indicate growth in the United States and Europe in 2019, while India, China and Turkey are decreasing. Exports of Italian machinery are growing. Negative forecasts for the first months of the new year.

Tractors: the Italian market "stabilizes"

Registrations stood at 18,579 in 2019, in line with the average figure for recent years. As regards the other types of machines, combine harvesters, tractors with loading platforms and trailers are decreasing, while telescopic handlers are growing.
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