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Year 2023


Agrilevante, agriculture in celebration

The seventh edition of the international exhibition of technology and machinery for agriculture ended yesterday evening in Bari - with a record number of visitors. Businesspeople from 60 countries, more than 50 conferences, 1,200 business meetings reserved to foreign delegations of the ICE Agency. Rendez-vous for the next edition in October 2025.

Desk area, simulators and training courses for young people and technicians

Training and safety in the spotlight at Agrilevante in the Desk area set up by FederUnacoma. More than 400 students from agricultural institutes in Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria took part in the training days. Two simulators for driving experience.

Agrilevante, the circular bioeconomy protagonist of ITABIA events

The circular bioeconomy is a sector with great potential. Biomass-based production cycles significantly reduce the use of fossil sources, as they are fuelled by bioresources that are widely available, renewable and well distributed throughout Italy

Agri-culture, the first organic district on a Mediterranean island in Capraia

Agrilevante was the setting for presenting this initiative, which is part of the broader "Capraia Smart Island" circular economy project, aiming at enhancing the island's territory with concrete actions aimed at protecting agro-ecosystems, safeguarding the landscape, and reducing the environmental impact of human activities.

Food security: the relaunch of Italian-African cooperation

On the final day of Agrilevante, staged at the Bari exhibition centre, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani emphasised Italy's role in agricultural development projects in Africa and the Mediterranean. A 'diplomacy of growth' to strengthen trade relations and at the same time support struggling countries.

Drones and self-propelled robots: agricultural machines "on the move"

Autonomous mechanical means are performing increasingly complex functions in agriculture, moving and intervening on crops independently. Experimental prototypes and technologies already in production on show these days at the Bari exhibition centre as part of Agrilevante.

Agrilevante, the success of the livestock section

Right from the first day of the fair, a large audience of operators, buyers, and enthusiasts crowded the tensile structure hosting more than 500 livestock, including cattle, horses, sheep, and farmyard animals, representing the most prized breeds. In the animal husbandry area, a rich array of initiatives including conferences, in-depth meetings, and exhibitions.

Water emergency, technologies and projects for the Apulia region

A meeting on water management was held in the setting of Agrilevante. Synergies between the world of research and management bodies for the optimisation of uses, network restructuring and wastewater recovery.

New technologies for quality agriculture

In attendance yesterday morning at the inauguration of Agrilevante, on stage in Bari until next Sunday, Undersecretary for Agriculture Patrizio Giacomo La Pietra reiterated the Italian government's commitment to agriculture and the role of the Italian agro-mechanical industry in the face of the demand for technologies emerging in the Mediterranean region. Incentives are coming for the renewal of the machinery fleet .

Agricultural machinery: strategic cooperation between Italy and North Africa

Between 1990 and 2022, the population of North Africa increased considerably, reaching 240 million inhabitants. The demographic boom strongly raises the issue of food security in the region. In this scenario, agricultural machinery is crucial for the enhancement of North Africa's agricultural potential. Cooperation with Italian industry is strategic for fostering mechanisation processes in the area.

Agro-mechanics exhibition: packed halls at Agrilevante

On yesterday's opening day, attendance figures indicate a total of 12,800 visitors, higher than on the first day of the previous edition. The programme of conferences and demonstrations of mechanical means, drones and robots for agriculture, which will be on display until Sunday afternoon, the last day of the exhibition, is in full swing.

Agrilevante inaugurated: agricultural technology on stage in Bari

The agricultural machinery and equipment exhibition gets off to a great start. Good attendance and a packed calendar of meetings on key topics for agriculture in Southern Italy and the new frontiers of the circular economy and bioenergy.

Agriculture: key sector for the Mediterranean economy

A press conference was held on the opening day of Agrilevante by Undersecretary for Agriculture Patrizio Giacomo La Pietra and ICE president Matteo Zoppas on the theme "Agriculture and cooperation: a policy for the Mediterranean". During the meeting, the central role of mechanisation in enhancing the agricultural economies of North Africa and the Balkans, areas of growing interest for Italian industries in the sector, was stressed.

Italian market: tractors down by 10%

In the first eight months of the year, registrations fell by more than the average recorded in Europe (-3%). In addition to rising prices and interest rates, the slowdown in the purchase incentive system also weighed on market trends. Declines were most marked in Apulia (-19%), while waiting for the funds allocated by the NRRP (EUR 47 million) to be released.

Agrilevante, a workshop for Mediterranean agriculture

Over the four days of the exhibition, more than 5,000 models were exhibited by 350 manufacturers, 50 of them foreign, representing 20 countries. Official delegations of foreign operators from 27 countries are expected. More than 40 thematic in-depth events are planned, with a focus on the major political and economic issues of the Mediterranean region. Simona Rapastella: Agrilevante is an example of technical, economic and political cooperation.

Agricultural machinery: growing market in the Mediterranean region

Tractor sales figures - presented today in Bari by FederUnacoma president Mariateresa Maschio - indicate a positive trend in southern Europe, the Balkans, North Africa and the Middle East. The Agrilevante exhibition as a vector of innovation for the entire Mediterranean region.

Agrilevante, agricultural machinery told in a comic book

Against the backdrop of the Bari exhibition, FederUnacoma is presenting a comic strip entitled "Federunacomics, agricultural machinery in safety", which tells the story of the agro-mechanical sector in the typical language of "comix", addressing an audience of young people interested in agriculture and the correct use of mechanical means.

Agrilevante, a full calendar of events

The exhibition of agricultural machinery for the Mediterranean is approaching its October appointment with a packed calendar of conferences, seminars and workshops. The focus of the event will be on policies and strategies for the development of the region's agricultural economies, as well as technical topics with in-depth studies by universities, sector publishers, and trade associations.

Agrilevante: training experiences for the "new generation"

The exhibition of agricultural machinery for the Mediterranean, staged in Bari from 5 to 8 October, includes initiatives specifically dedicated to students at agricultural and industrial technical institutes. Guided tours, workshops, seminars and driving simulators will be available for young people who aspire to work in contact with the most advanced agro-mechanical technologies.

Agrilevante, the Mediterranean exhibition with a 'global' profile

Around 120 official foreign delegates from 27 countries are expected at the Bari exhibition complex from 5 to 8 October, joined by thousands of independent operators expected from more than 60 countries. Business meetings between the delegations and exhibiting companies, scheduled for 5 and 6 October, will take place in a pavilion specially set up in the northern area of the Fiera del Levante. FederUnacoma: "the Bari exhibition has a Mediterranean vocation but is also confirmed as a pole of attraction for other agricultural economies".

Animal husbandry and stables 4.0: meeting at Agrilevante

A large exhibition of prized breeding animals and a programme of competitions and conferences on the most advanced technologies for the management of livestock farms are featured at the seventh edition of the show, scheduled from 5 to 8 October at the Fiera di Bari.

Agrilevante, robotic technologies in the spotlight

The great exhibition of agricultural machinery for the Mediterranean area, scheduled in Bari from 5 to 8 October, will inaugurate the REAL section, entirely dedicated to robotics and advanced electronics. A trial field will also be set up in the area where visitors will be able to see in action some of the latest generation technologies for typical vineyard operations.

Summer 2023, the Agrilevante worksite

Preparations are underway for the next edition of the international exhibition of technologies for Mediterranean agriculture. The entire exhibition area of the Bari fairgrounds is busy, while the conference programme and the information and service activities implemented through the show's website are also running at full speed.

Gardening: declining market in the first half-year

Data compiled by the manufacturers' association indicate an overall drop of 14.5% in the first half of the year, with more or less pronounced declines for almost all product types. The anomalous weather trend, together with inflation and rising price lists, is holding back a market that had recorded substantial growth in the 2020-2021 two-year period.

Agricultural machinery: market holds in the first half of the year, declines expected in the second half

Sales figures in Italy show a deficit for tractors and growth for other types, but registrations partly refer to vehicles booked in 2022. The 4.0 incentives, which greatly boosted purchases in recent years, are running out. The wait for new support instruments slows down the market.

Agricultural mechanisation, global market variables

Economists and experts in technological innovation discussed medium-term scenarios this afternoon at the FederUnacoma General Meeting in Palazzo Varignana. The challenge for agricultural machinery companies is to plan production and research, overcoming the socio-political and economic variables that influence the markets.

Agricultural machinery, Mariateresa Maschio new president of FederUnacoma

The annual meeting of FederUnacoma, held this afternoon in Varignana (Bologna), saw the election of the new president of the Federation, and the new presidents and vice-presidents of the seven industry associations that compose it.

Lollobrigida: agricultural machinery a key sector

In order to face the new challenges of the primary sector, it is necessary to focus on new-generation technologies in which, says the Minister of Agriculture, Italian industry is at the top of the world. The allocation of NRRP resources and innovation funds is confirmed.

FederUnacoma, an international vision

The report on activities, which are increasingly oriented towards foreign countries, was presented at the General Meeting. Promotional missions and collective exhibitions in America, Africa and Asia, and a growing commitment to incoming foreign businesspeople at Italian exhibitions. Economic studies and dissemination activities for emerging markets and technical dossiers aimed at EU regulations were part of the federations's work in 2022 and are already planned for the current year.

Agricultural machinery, Italy's two-speed market

Registration figures for the first five months of the year, presented today at the FederUnacoma general meeting in Varignana (Bologna), show a drop for tractors and trailers, and an increase for combine harvesters, tractors with loading platforms and telehandlers. The NRRP delay is slowing down purchases, while there is a worrying increase in the sales of used machines.

Agricultural machinery: turnover of Italian industries on the rise

Demand for tractors, operating machinery, equipment and components remains at good levels, but turnover is growing beyond all expectations due to the sharp rise in prices. The value of Italian exports increased by 16.7% and pushed domestic production to EUR 15.5 billion. The value, however, does not correspond to a growth in profits, as the increase in sales prices covers the rise in production costs due to raw materials, energy and logistics.

DemoGreen, the festival of green

The event dedicated to machinery and technologies for gardening and landscaping will take place on 28 and 29 September in San Donato (MI). About 50 manufacturers are expected to participate, who will display the most innovative models on their stands and take part in demonstration tests in the field. The two-day event, which is organised by Demogreen srl in cooperation with the San Donato Municipality, Confagricoltura, Assoverde, Kepos and Comagarden, is aimed at a public of greenery professionals, but also at the vast world of hobbyists and enthusiasts of gardening and "en plein air" activities.

Gardening: market also declining in Q1 2023

Sales of green care machinery and equipment recorded a loss of 19.6%, confirming last year's negative trend. Weather anomalies and inflationary dynamics discourage purchases, although a partial recovery is expected during the course of the year. The importance of technological innovation, especially for urban maintenance, and the appointment with the DemoGreen demonstration event (28 and 29 September) in San Donato Milanese.

Agricultural mechanisation, strategic cooperation between Italy and Serbia

During the Novi Sad agricultural fair, FederUnacoma president Alessandro Malavolti presented the 7th edition of Agrilevante, the great event for Mediterranean agriculture, to be held in Bari from 5 to 8 October. Delegates and buyers from Serbia are also expected in the Fiera del Levante pavilions.

Agrilevante, an international event

The participation of official foreign delegations from 35 countries, organised by Agenzia ICE and FederUnacoma, is confirmed. The programme for the presentation of the exhibition to the foreign press is in full swing: after the initiatives in Turkey, Morocco and Serbia, those in Greece and Algeria are already scheduled, while others are being planned in the target countries.

Agricultural machinery: market at risk pending the NRRP

Registration figures for the first quarter of the year indicate a decline for tractors, and a recovery for other types of machinery after the loss recorded in the first quarter of 2022. Overall, the market remains at a standstill, affected by the delay in the procedures for granting public funds. There is concern about the buying and selling of used machinery, which is growing dramatically and does not improve the technological level of Italian farms.

Agrilevante, the 2023 edition starts from Ciheam in Bari

During the press conference presenting the event, Ciheam director Maurizio Raeli stressed the strategic role of mechanisation for food safety. Bari's deputy mayor Di Sciascio highlighted the importance of the event for the entire city of Bari, while regional councillor Pentassuglia reiterated the importance of innovation for the renewal and evolution of agricultural economies. FederUnacoma president and director general Alessandro Malavolti and Simona Rapastella also spoke.

Mechanisation, growing demand in the Mediterranean despite critical issues

The agricultural economies of the region have extraordinary potential, particularly related to high value-added crops. However, demographic imbalances, anthropisation, land consumption and climate change may hold back development, especially in the countries of the 'southern shore'. FederUnacoma: agriculture and mechanisation essential for stabilising the area. The leadership of Italian manufacturers.

Agrilevante, the agricultural technology exhibition

The 2023 edition of Agrilevante, to be held at the Bari exhibition centre from 5 to 8 October, was presented at the Ciheam of Bari. The technical content of the exhibition is very high and the conference programme is extensive, devoted to agronomy, electronic and robotic technologies, as well as public financing for agriculture and policies for the development of the primary sector in the entire Mediterranean area.

Agrilevante, the great Mediterranean trade exhibition

From 5 to 8 October, the great event organised by FederUnacoma and dedicated to the agricultural supply chains of the Mediterranean area will be back on stage in Bari. New features of the 2023 edition include a large space for gardening and landscaping, and an exhibition area dedicated to robotics for agriculture, as well as several initiatives being planned. Simona Rapastella: "the fair talks about the crucial challenges of this important geographical area".

Tractors. Dynamic demand but delays hold back deliveries

Supply delays slowed tractor sales in Italy (-3%) in the first two months of the year. The increase in the value of exports in 2022 (+14.6%) and the growth of used machinery on the domestic market indicate that demand for agricultural machinery is still as lively abroad as in Italy. FederUnacoma: to strengthen the technological endowment of the Italian machinery fleet it is necessary to invest in the latest generation of mechanical equipment. The contribution of public subsidies is fundamental

Made in Italy: new strategies for agricultural machinery

The annual "Think Tank" of FederUnacoma, the association of agricultural machinery manufacturers, was held today at Rosciano Castle (Perugia). The speeches by Minister Adolfo Urso, Matteo Zoppas (ICE), Emanuele Di Faustino (Nomisma), Dario Fabbri (Domino) and Alessandro Malavolti (FederUnacoma) emphasised the central role of Italian agricultural machinery and new promotion strategies on world markets.

Gardening equipment: declining market in 2022

Unfavourable weather and rising prices are holding back the market for gardening and landscaping machinery and equipment, which closes the year with a 15.2% drop. Almost all types of equipment were in the negative. Purchases in the mid-level segment were penalised: the gap between high-end technologies and low-priced vehicles with lower quality requirements is growing.

Agrilevante 2023: the organisational machine is up and running

Registration opened this morning for exhibiting industries that will take part in the event in Bari from 5 to 8 October. Great expectations for an exhibition dedicated to technologies for agricultural supply chains typical of the Mediterranean area, and which aims to repeat the levels of public attendance and international prestige achieved in 2019, before the suspension due to the health emergency.

Agricultural machinery: the 2022 closing balance confirms the sector's resilience

Sales fell in last year's closing balance for all major types of agricultural machinery. The market downturn, which is partly technical after the boom in 2021, is also due to the well-known supply problems and high raw material prices. Demand for machinery, however, remains high, thanks to government incentives. Allocations for agricultural machinery under the NRRP are in the pipeline.

Agricultural robots, Italian manufacturers in the spotlight at FIRA in Toulouse

FederUnacoma, the Italian association of agricultural machinery manufacturers, will be attending as Gold Partner the seventh edition of FIRA, the event dedicated to robotic systems in agriculture, to be held in Toulouse from 7 to 9 February. Agricultural robotics, which is already booming today, will become increasingly central in the coming years. Highly automated systems provide an answer to the productivity and sustainability needs of the primary sector.
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