Studies and statistics

The Statistics Service carries out activities associated with statistics and studies of the sector for making available to associate members information on production, registrations, the domestic market take-up, on exports and imports to the domestic market for the entire sector or single merchandise groups as well as data on the markets of the leading nations abroad. The service also elaborates monthly data furnished by the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport on the registration of tractors, a number of self-propelled machines and earthmoving machines.

In detail, the service is responsible for: Statistical Survey of Agricultural Machinery; Quarterly Survey of Self-Propelled Agricultural Machinery; Annual Survey of Tractors; Morgan Quarterly Survey (gardening), Monthly Foreign Trade Statistics (based on National Statistics Institute data).


FederUnacoma activities on the technical-regulatory front is broken down into a number of areas from participation in ISO and CEN technical committees to contributions to the formulation and implementation of EU Directives on the responsibilities of manufacturers for agricultural and earthmoving machinery, the homologation tractors, engine exhaust emissions and noise emissions.

FederUnacoma represents the interests of the member companies in various national, European Union and international legislative quarters for bringing in legislation as compatible as possible with the manufacturers in our merchandise sector. The federation studies problems connected with design, construction, improvements in safety and comfort and the performance of machinery and equipment and their technologies. The federation draws special attention to regulatory and legislative aspects. These activities are conducted through the federation’s direct participation in the elaboration of these measures in institutional quarters.

Areas for technical-regulatory intervention by FederUnacoma:

  • Agricultural and Earthmoving Machinery Technical norms;
  • European Union Directives;
  • OECD Codes;
  • ECE-UN Regulations;
  • Italian Laws and Decrees;
  • Ministry Circulars and ISPESL Guidelines;
  • Technical Seminars.


The Internationalization Service strives to foster the opening of companies to international markets by encouraging them to penetrate and consolidate their standings in areas which are strategically attractive for the sectors represented by FederUnacoma.

This objective has now become an urgent and productive requirement in light of the competitive world scenario characterized by substantial changes driving enterprise to demonstrate their capacity for adaptability, a correct use of resources and an indispensable look abroad for winning and defending adequate positions.

The service pursues various activities which are revised from time to time on the basis of the needs of the members which, through constructive dialogue with the federation, contribute to defining the details of interventions and shape the range of action.

The range of activities:

  • Collective participation in those trade fairs identified as of primary interest to ensure a coordinated image for the Italian System and heighten the visibility of the companies and the prospects for cooperation with qualified foreign partners;
  • Organizing workshops in Italy with businesspeople from various countries abroad identified from time to time on the basis of the needs of the member base for the purpose of achieving a sound understanding of the relevant issues associated at the time with educational visits to companies of interest for coming into contact with different types of entrepreneurial know-how;
  • Inviting businesspeople in the sector to Eima International, Agrilevante and Eima Agrimach India for the purpose of strengthening profitable commercial relations with various countries and acquainting foreign professionals of the reality of Italian productivity;
  • An Information Day dedicated to the presentation of single markets with special reference to juridical, taxation and customs features as well as norms on safeguarding intellectual property and procedures for grassroots commercial penetration for the purpose of assessing investment prospects for strengthening a market share already held or opening commercial ties at a new level.

Moreover, the service takes part in conferences, meetings, work groups and studies and missions and market verifications set up by Confindustria, ICE, the ministries, public agencies and international bodies on issues regarding:

  • economic problems directly or indirectly involving the sectors represented;
  • the evolution of fiscal and insurance legislation and on financing exports;
  • financing projects approved by the Italian government, the European Union, the World Bank and other international organizations for developing countries;
  • economic notes, studies of current trends and legislation in foreign countries.


The work of the Events Service is to consolidate and further develop the Eima International trade fair through the management of relations with the BolognaFiere Agency and cooperation with suppliers of trade fair services, handle relations with potential exhibitors and fine tune the organization machinery as well as set up other events for the program for the coming year.

Eima International, Agrilevante, Eima Agrimach, Eima Show and Eima Gulf, having reached a high organizational standard and thanks to their locations in areas which are especially strategic for the agricultural mechanization market, are important events on the international trade fair scene.

The service takes part in trade fair events and promotions abroad in support of groups of Italian exhibitors and explores the prospects for cooperation in trade fairs in areas of strategic importance for the sectors in the federation.

Communications, Press office and Training

The duties of the Communications, Press office and Training Service cover communications activities with the systematic dispatch of information to the media, organizing press conferences and preparing informational materials on the work of the association. The service also manages additional support measures such as Tg FederUnacoma, in cooperation with Odeon TV and in connection with the television fixture “With Feet on the Ground” as well as trade fair events with the preparation of information bulletins. The service also handles promotional and conference materials drawn up in the framework of these events.

Other than the coordination of such basic services as daily press roundups, the service puts out Mondo Macchina/MachineryWorld, the fully bilingual magazine published in Italian and English as the federation’s official organ.

The service also lays out annual training and technical plans for the member companies and others represented in the sector broken down into initiatives organized by them and in cooperation with outside university faculties and training.

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