The Federation

The Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, formed in 2012 to replace Unacoma (the Italian Farm Machinery Manufacturers Association set up in 1945), brings together, and represents in Italy and abroad, the associations of Italian manufacturers of digital systems and technologies for agricultural machinery and farmer (Agridigital), irrigation systems (Assoidrotech), implements (Assomao), self-propelled machines (Assomase), tractors (Assotrattori), components (Comacomp) and gardening machinery (Comagarden).

The projects of the Federation are: the recognition of greater efficiency and autonomy for the single groups while allowing the aggregation of other institutional bodies representing sectors associated with mechanization; fostering an aggregation policy for rationalizing activities and the services systems for the various enterprises in the sector and linked to the sector with a view to expanding the federation's representation front and gaining greater weight in political and institutional quarters.

FederUnacoma is a member of Confindustria (the National Manufacturers Federation), and in Europe CEMA (European Committee of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer Associations), EGMF (European Garden Machinery Industry Federation) and Euromot (European Association of Internal Combustion Engines).

FederUnacoma activities are aimed at providing incentives for agricultural mechanization, activities in the energy sector, public and private groundskeeping, promoting the development technological development of the inventory of mechanical machinery and equipment of reference in Italy and abroad and providing association members with support focused on assistance and innovative services.

FederUnacoma’s associates account for 80% of Italian production, with exports accounting for 65% of this production.

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Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation
Digital System and technologies for Agricultural Machinery and Farming
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Italian Implements Manufacturers Association
Italian Self-Propelled Machinery Manufacturers Association
Italian Tractors Manufacturers Association
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Italian Garden Machinery Manufacturers Association