Membership in agencies and organizations



FederUnacoma is a member of AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronic Foundation), founded in 2008 by the most important manufacturers in the mechanical-agricultural sector and a number of industry associations in the sector for the purpose of making available to everyone in the field the know-how required so that technical issues as regards electronics for agricultural machinery and agriculture can be dealt with in a coordinated way.

The priority for the work of AEF is especially that of concern with ISOBUS, the universal protocol for communications between agricultural implements, tractors and computers chosen by manufacturers around the world.



Agrievolution originated with the World Summit on Agricultural Mechanization created and organized in 2008 by the Unacoma organization of the time which was held in Rome May 30 and 31 for the purpose of analyzing the trends on the markets of reference, developing relations between associations in the sector and providing those involved in these production chains with forecasts of economic trends in the primary sector in various areas of the world.

Agrievolution has become an international association which groups the acronyms representing agricultural machinery manufacturers in the leading countries of the world: CEMA representing the European manufacturers and the manufacturers’ associations in Brazil, South Korea, Japan, India, the United States, Turkey and Italy.

The specific activities of Agrievolution include monitoring demand for agricultural machinery and equipment in various areas of the world and dealing with associated issues such as safety standards and environmental compatibility in farm work and economic development models in various areas of the planet. Above all, there was the organization of a biennial forum on agricultural mechanization, held each time in different locations, and setting up meetings on specific themes, especially one for monitoring the world market in the sector by the Agrievolution Economic Working Group.

Agrievolution is made up of a secretariat and a Steering Committee, which can bring in figures who represent their association at a senior level. Those on the committee have the right, as Full Members, to participate and vote on all members. This means for the manufacturers’ associations which have organized the Agrievolution meetings as well as the for maximum number of three outside members, General Members, brought into the Steering Committee.

The president of the body is always the representative on the committee who organized the most recent forum whose term expires following the meeting of the forum whereas the vice president is named for the organization of the forum to follow.

Club of Bologna

Club of Bologna

The Club of Bologna was established in 1989 on the initiative and with the support of FederUnacoma and under the auspices of C.I.G.R. as an open association for the purpose of bringing together the leading world experts in agricultural mechanization at least once each year. All this for discussions on the preeminent issues of strategies for the development of the mechanical-agricultural sector in the various countries, drawing comparisons of different experiences in differing geographic areas and, at the end of the work sessions, formulating conclusions and recommendations with overall validity. These points are then submitted for the attention of the governments in the various countries as well as for that of researchers, workers in agriculture and the world of the mechanical-agricultural industries for activities which might be undertaken.

The club counts representatives from 42 countries and 103 Full Members named from the spheres of research, 72%, industry, 17%, and experts, 5%, who are flanked by eight Associate Members who follow the work of the organization.

The club is backed by Committee of Directors made up of 18 Full Members from 11 countries, 11 from Europe, 2 from the United States, one from Africa, 3 from Asia and one Australian.

The club’s offices of the president and the Technical Secretariat are quartered in the Institute of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Milan and the Administrative Secretariat is located in FederUnacoma facilities in Rome.

Professor Luigi Bodria is the president of the Club of Bologna.

Coordination for manufacturing

FederUnacoma in 2010 started up manufacturing coordination for reviving competitiveness in Italian manufacturing industries along with the associations Amafond, Anima, Assofond, Assomet, Federacciaci (in the steel working and mechanical sector), Assocarta (paper production chain) and Federazione Confindustria Ceramics e Laterizi (ceramics-building materials).

This work of coordination is based on real conditions in an area which counts 4,500 enterprises and workforces totaling 615,000 and capable of accounting for one-third of Italian GDP and nearly 80% of the country’s exports. This coordination provides a unique opportunity for formulating proposals and contributing to the return of basic industries and real economic conditions to the center of the country’s political and economic debate.

Among the pivotal issues in the coordination work are those for assigning top priority to energy, taxation, infrastructure and re-launching exports.



Since it was formed, FederUnacoma has been a component of ENAMA, National Institute for Agricultural Mechanization, an institute created for providing the mechanical-agricultural sector with an efficient instrument for supporting and contributing to greater technological competitiveness and the recognition of the performance and safety of the entire production chain, the manufacturers, commercial, businesspeople in agriculture and agri-mechanics.

Other equal partners in the institute guaranteeing impartiality and high competence, under DPR 361/2000 legislation are: the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policy, the regions, Assocap, the Cia, Coldiretti and Confagricoltura farmers associations, Unacma and Unima. The operational agency of reference for the institute is CRA-ING, the agricultural Research and Experimental Council - Agricultural Mechanization Experimental Institute.

ENAMA works in the regulatory sector for interpreting and developing new norms, UNI, EN, ISO, OECD etc.; on new technologies for identifying and promoting the development of new lines of mechanization; on safety for operators and the environment with the production of print documents, guidelines and the like, the staging of demonstrations and training programs with special attention focused on safety; on quality certifications as the certification agency on the performance and safety of machinery; in the development of studies and research on bio-fuels, engines, impact on the environment, etc.; on statistics, including an annual report on residues in the mechanical-agricultural sector and fuel consumption and other initiatives.

ENAMA is also the founder and coordinator of Entam, the European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines.



FederUnacoma has been an official member of the Federation of Construction Confindustria since 2010 through Comamoter, the association of earthmoving machinery manufacturers in FederUnacoma. The construction federation unites all the most representative associations in this vast sector.

FederUnacoma/Comamoter belong to the production chain Technologies, Plant and Machinery Associated with Civil Construction Federcostruzioni along with Anima, which counts as many as 18 associations including Ucomesa for worksite machinery and plant and, as an associate member, Cantiermacchine for the distribution of earthmoving machinery.

With more than 100 associations as members representing 30,000 enterprises, Federcostruzioni’s activities are centered on coordination for the purpose of identifying economic policy and institutional initiatives for furthering the interests of the sector of such enormous importance for the national economy.

Thanks the membership in the federation, the Comamoter associated industries are provided with a comprehensive institutional framework within which it is possible to strongly represent the specific requests of these enterprises, including the mechanical industries at work in the construction chain.


Federveicoli was formed in 2009 as a federation in the sector of national associations of vehicle and components manufacturers established in agreement with ANCMA, the National Cycle, Motorcycle, Accessories Association, ANFIA, the National Automobile Industry Association, and the Unacoma of the time, now FederUnacoma.

For this federation, the priority is responding to the requirement of optimizing the services provided by the three federated associations and representing the general and collective interests of the entire national vehicle production chain and allied industries from the automotive industry to two, three and four-wheel vehicles and on to the manufacturers of tractors, agricultural machinery, machinery for gardening and earthmoving machinery.

Federveicoli speaks for the associated Ancma, Anfia e FederUnacoma in dealings with institutions and administrations, with the National Manufacturers Federation, Confindustria, and other associations and foundations. A legitimate role strengthened by the economic and political weight of the entire organization: more than 780 member companies with a total workforce of some 333,000 direct and affiliated workers accounting for sales of € 77 billion annually. These figures make Federviecoli the second largest sector federation in the nation following ANCE, the National Association of Building Contractors.

Federveicoli is coordinated by a president chosen from among the presidents of the founding associations and named on a rotation basis by the federation board of directors. The current president of the federation is Massimo Goldoni.

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