Drones and self-propelled robots: agricultural machines "on the move"

Autonomous mechanical means are performing increasingly complex functions in agriculture, moving and intervening on crops independently. Experimental prototypes and technologies already in production on show these days at the Bari exhibition centre as part of Agrilevante.

Drones, robots, highly automated machines, artificial intelligence. This is the new frontier of agriculture being presented at Agrilevante, the exhibition specialising in Mediterranean crop technologies being held at the Bari exhibition centre. The industry in this sector is working closely with universities and research centres to develop, and then put into production, new-generation mechanical means destined to replace traditional ones. Robotics for agriculture are more sophisticated than those developed for industrial systems - explain the experts of FederUnacoma, the federation of manufacturers that is organising the show - because they operate in an environment that is not protected and predictable like a factory, but that changes continuously in relation to weather conditions, wind, humidity, the variables linked to the seasons and light at different times of day, as well as the way plants, leaves and fruit look in the various vegetative phases. Agricultural robots must therefore have an extreme sensitivity, in every way similar to that of an expert farmer. Agrilevante is dedicating a section of the exhibition, in the New Pavilion, to these sophisticated technologies, as well as an open-air area where the agricultural machines "of the future", such as drones for vineyard treatments, or robots for monitoring the health of orchards, can be seen in action. Digital agriculture, moreover, was also a protagonist in the programme of conferences held today: the meeting on "The advantages of agriculture 4.0 for companies and end consumers: from the rationalisation of resources to ent-to-end traceability", organised by Nazione Futura, the conference on "Agriculture 5.0 saves climate and harvests", promoted by Coldiretti Puglia; and the meeting on "Drones, robotics and artificial intelligence in agriculture", promoted by the University of Basilicata and FederUnacoma, designed to inform young people as well, who are approaching agriculture and who in the coming years will have to manage technologies, such as digital ones, that are increasingly challenging.

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Agrilevante, agriculture in celebration

The seventh edition of the international exhibition of technology and machinery for agriculture ended yesterday evening in Bari - with a record number of visitors. Businesspeople from 60 countries, more than 50 conferences, 1,200 business meetings reserved to foreign delegations of the ICE Agency. Rendez-vous for the next edition in October 2025.

Desk area, simulators and training courses for young people and technicians

Training and safety in the spotlight at Agrilevante in the Desk area set up by FederUnacoma. More than 400 students from agricultural institutes in Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria took part in the training days. Two simulators for driving experience.

Agrilevante, the circular bioeconomy protagonist of ITABIA events

The circular bioeconomy is a sector with great potential. Biomass-based production cycles significantly reduce the use of fossil sources, as they are fuelled by bioresources that are widely available, renewable and well distributed throughout Italy

Agri-culture, the first organic district on a Mediterranean island in Capraia

Agrilevante was the setting for presenting this initiative, which is part of the broader "Capraia Smart Island" circular economy project, aiming at enhancing the island's territory with concrete actions aimed at protecting agro-ecosystems, safeguarding the landscape, and reducing the environmental impact of human activities.

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