EIMA 2020: “top” showcase for Indian operators

The 44th edition of EIMA International, to be held in Bologna in November 2020, is presented at EIMA Agrimach India in New Delhi. The great Italian event will host a substantial number of Indian exhibitors and traders.

In 2020, EIMA International will be the largest event in the world for the agricultural mechanics sector, and India will be among the leading countries. The showcase of agricultural machinery - which is held at the Bologna exhibition centre from November 11 to 15, and which was presented this afternoon in New Delhi in the setting of EIMA Agrimach India - will see a conspicuous presence of Indian manufacturers and a large representation of operators from the great Asian country. "In the last edition, held in November 2017 - said Alessandro Malavolti, president of FederUnacoma, which is the organizer of the exhibition - there were 31 Indian manufacturers that exhibited their range, and there were 640 Indian traders visiting". "Thanks to the support of the ICE agency and the collaboration with FICCI - said Malavolti - we expect to further increase the number of Indian presences".

In short, the Indian component is very significant in an exhibition which, with almost 2,000 exhibitors from 50 countries and 318 thousand visitors from 170 countries, is at the top of the sector's events in terms of importance and internationality. Moreover, the active presence of Indian manufacturers and traders is a reflection of the importance that the agricultural mechanization market has gained in the Indian subcontinent. "In recent years, India has established itself as the first market in the world - recalled Malavolti - with a number of tractors sold on the national territory clearly superior to any other country. In 2018, tractors reached the unthinkable level of 800 thousand units, equivalent to four or five times the numbers of tractors sold in the United States or in Europe".

This year, the world market for tractors shows a different trend from country to country, with positive trends for the United States (+5% in the first nine months of the year) and Europe (+12% for the same nine months), and a decline in Turkey, Brazil and above all China and India. The estimates currently available indicate a decline between 10 and 13% in the Indian subcontinent, a figure that does not affect the absolute leadership of India in terms of units, which can be attributed to a physiological adjustment of the market after the formidable performance of 2018.

"Unlike what is happening in China, where some public aid for agriculture has been withdrawn and where the government aims to contain the production push - concluded Malavolti - in India the government programmes to support agriculture are in the implementation phase, and this will also give continuity to the demand for innovative technologies".

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