EIMA 2022: global market and Mediterranean agriculture

The 45th edition of this major exhibition, scheduled in Bologna from 9 to 13 November, is a platform for innovation in agriculture. The spotlight will be on technologies for specialised and high added value crops typical of the Mediterranean area. The Agrilevante and Enoliexpo exhibitions are fully integrated with EIMA International.

The world market for agricultural machinery is growing in all the main countries. Sales of tractors in 2021 recorded increases of 10% in the United States (318 thousand units), 13% in India (900 thousand) and 17% in Europe (180 thousand). In the "old continent", the performance of the markets of the Mediterranean area was particularly strong, with Italy leading the way with a substantial +36%, the highest level since 2010. Double-digit progress was also recorded in Turkey (+24%) and Greece (+32%), while Spain posted +9.3%, followed by France (+9.2%). Despite the positive indicators in Southern Europe, the overall balance for the Mediterranean region must take into account the downturns seen in those North African countries that have not yet caught up with the recovery. In the absence of definitive data on sales in these markets, a significant indicator is that of import data in value, since local demand is mostly satisfied by the purchase of machinery from abroad. With the exception of Tunisia (+10%), all of North Africa saw a decline in imports in 2021. More substantial for Algeria (-34%) and Egypt (-11%), more contained for Morocco (-4.5%).

Data on Mediterranean countries, provided by FederUnacoma's Studies Office, were presented this afternoon by the federation's director general, Simona Rapastella, during a press conference held as part of the Enoliexpo exhibition. As she explained during the conference, last year's trend shows a "dual-speed Mediterranean". However, future prospects are encouraging, since the typical products of this region - wine, oil and fruit and vegetable crops with high added value - are gaining more and more space, also due to new food consumption styles. Market analysts by Exportplanning forecast that between 2022 and 2025 imports of tractors to North African countries could grow significantly to meet the growing demand for technologies increasingly suited to specialised crops.

The Mediterranean region is therefore of strategic importance and should be encouraged both in its agricultural development trends and in the demand for mechanisation. This demand increasingly involves new-generation technologies and advanced electronic systems that - as was highlighted during the conference - make it possible to better meet the challenges linked to the ecological transition, climate change and the optimal use of increasingly precious water and energy resources.

Trade fairs are the ideal place to monitor and encourage the development of agricultural mechanisation. "A show like EIMA International, which offers the widest range of technologies and solutions for all agricultural needs, has always been attentive to Mediterranean production and specialised crops. With almost two thousand manufacturers and a public that in recent editions has reached about 300,000 visitors, the Bologna exhibition is one of the world's reference events - said Rapastella - but it is not the only strategic event for the Federation. Indeed, events such as Agrilevante, which will be back from 5 to 8 October 2023, and Enoliexpo, which will be held in Bari for the first time and is an initiative dedicated to operators in the olive oil and wine production chain, are becoming increasingly important". "These high-quality crops with high added value represent - Rapastella concluded - in some respects the very soul of the Mediterranean.”

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High-tech drought-fighting systems

Held from 9 to 13 November at the Bologna Exhibition Centre, "EIMA Idrotech" is the exhibition specialising in technologies for water management in agriculture. Located within the great exhibition of agricultural mechanics, and already with 210 exhibiting industries, the show offers technological answers to the water emergency that is now affecting all Italian regions. In the first four months of this year - according to CNR data - the amount of rain has halved compared to the average of the last thirty years.

Tractor of the Year: rendez-vous at EIMA

The event that rewards the best tractor of the year is scheduled to take place at the Bologna agricultural machinery exhibition in November. Award ceremony on the first day of the exhibition and dynamic show of the finalist models in the large arena set up inside the exhibition centre.

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The first three months of the year show a decline in sales of agricultural machinery compared to the same period in 2021. The market contraction is organic compared to the record levels reached in the first quarter of last year. Incentives continue to support the market but geopolitical uncertainties may weigh on the coming months

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The fourth edition of the FederUnacoma Think Tank dedicated to the geopolitical emergency and the commodity crisis took place on 31 March in Bologna. The commodity crisis could last for years, so it is necessary for agro-mechanical companies to develop long-term strategies, while being reactive to sudden situational changes. Proposals were made by thematic study groups

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