EIMA International: an event in step with the times

The Covid emergency led to a crisis in the trade exhibition system and dictated new criteria for competitiveness. Industry analysts believe that in the coming years the role of specialised and business-oriented exhibition events will strengthen. The EIMA exhibition is rational, communicative and cost-effective - explains FederUnacoma General Manager Simona Rapastella - and therefore in line with the most current trends in the exhibition market.

The world exhibition of agricultural machinery EIMA inaugurates its 45th edition with a significantly strengthened baggage of experience. The Bologna exhibition - organised by the Italian manufacturers' federation FederUnacoma and staged at the exhibition complex from 9 to 13 November - was in fact the only industry event on the international scene to hold its own edition last year, under restrictions due to the health emergency. The results were very good in terms ofexhibitors and visitors, and the exhibition confirmed its international character despite the stoppages in force in some countries and the constraints caused by security protocols. "The 2021 edition was a success," commented FedeUnacoma General Manager Simona Rapastella during the presentation press conference held this afternoon at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Bologna, "because it was considered by the manufacturers and the trade public as an event aimed at professionals, truly necessary for business activities. Trade exhibitions represent a social phenomenon, a collective ritual and an emotionally involving experience, too – as claimed by organisations specialised in monitoring the trade exhibition sector such as GRS - but what makes them solid, and allows them to thrive even in a rapidly changing landscape, is their usefulness in economic and strategic terms. The crisis brought about by the pandemic - explain the analysts' reports - has led to a selection between those events considered fundamental for business purposes and those considered optional, setting in motion a trend that is expected to intensify in the coming years, to the detriment of those events that do not produce clearly measurable results. "The 2022 edition will focus more strongly on the levers of internationality, innovation, and services for business activities, which have always been the distinguishing features of this exhibition," said Rapastella, "and will aim at maximum rationality in the subdivision of products, in the organisation of services, and in the maximum leveraging of the investment made by exhibitors and visitors." "The exhibition is a system that attracts all the players in the supply chain, from designers to end users, from technicians to the political world,"said the director of FederUnacoma, "and this makes it not only useful, but cost-effective in economic and strategic terms. Finally, among the elements that most characterise the EIMA exhibition - as emerged during the presentation to the press - is its 'communicative' nature, the fact that it is explicit in its organisational criteria, direct in its relations with companies and users, and attentive to recounting every aspect of the vast world of agricultural machinery. "Above all, EIMA enables companies, organisations and institutions to express their content," concluded Rapastella, "so that the exhibition can be something that belongs to everyone, and that everyone contributes to making great."

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MEPs at EIMA: a policy for specialised crops

A delegation of 10 parliamentarians visited the agricultural machinery exhibition. A conference, a guided tour and a round table were the programme of an event that highlighted the role of fruit and vegetable crops, which are increasingly important for the market and the profitability of the primary sector.

Still too many work-related accidents in the agricultural sector

Every year in Italy, 100 to 150 fatal accidents occur in the fields, in the EU 500. And the numbers are underestimated. New-generation machines can reduce them significantly, but investment in training is also needed. Ergonomic systems also prevent other health damage: 60 per cent of agricultural workers have a chronic disabling disease.

EIMA Energy: biomass and ecological transition

A workshop on the H2020 project 'BRANCHES', which fosters good practices in this sector, was held as part of the International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery in Bologna.

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