Lollobrigida: agricultural machinery a key sector

In order to face the new challenges of the primary sector, it is necessary to focus on new-generation technologies in which, says the Minister of Agriculture, Italian industry is at the top of the world. The allocation of NRRP resources and innovation funds is confirmed.

The Italian agricultural machinery industries have favoured the modernisation process of our agriculture and have reached positions of absolute excellence thanks to their ability to develop advanced technologies capable of responding to increasingly complex challenges. Today, agricultural machinery is called upon to face the consequences of climate change and the water crisis, in a context of rising production costs, especially those related to energy, and the need to ensure greater environmental sustainability of production processes. This was emphasised by the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry Francesco Lollobrigida, speaking this afternoon at the conference on "Beyond the economic situation: planning activities, planning investments", organised by FederUnacoma, the association that within Confindustria represents agricultural machinery manufacturers. The conference was held in Varignana (Bologna) at the end of the General Meeting at which the Federation elected its new president, Mariateresa Maschio.
Thanks to the integration of machinery with the latest information and satellite technologies - Lollobrigida noted - we can achieve high performance levels that would have been almost unthinkable just a few years ago, promoting a model of agriculture that is fully sustainable in economic, environmental and social terms. Incentivising and supporting the innovation of our industries is therefore a strategic objective for the country system. With this in mind, the minister confirmed the activation of the resources - amounting to 400 million euro - provided by the NRRP for the development of zero-emission agricultural machinery, with the added allocation of a further 225 million from the innovation fund. "We are committed to creating the conditions for the agricultural sector to make a further leap forward in terms of competitiveness - Lollobrigida emphasised - while maintaining the high level of quality of our agri-food production, which is renowned throughout the world. The minister expressed appreciation for the synergies that the manufacturers' association has activated with universities, agricultural institutes, and high training centres precisely in the field of research and development of innovative technologies. 
At the end of his speech, Minister Lollobrigida thanked President Alessandro Malavolti, with whom an important channel of cooperation had been opened in recent months, and who today sees his term as president of the Federation come to an end. Finally, the minister wished the newly elected Maria Teresa Maschio well in her work.

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EIMA 2024, a driving force for Italian-Serbian cooperation

The 46th edition of the Bologna exhibition was presented this morning in Novi Sad (Serbia) during a conference on agricultural robots. High automation technologies strategic to increase the productivity of an increasingly specialised agricultural economy like Serbia. High innovation at the heart of EIMA 2024, which inaugurates the REAL area dedicated to testing and practical demonstrations of robots.

EIMA 2024, innovative technologies for Morocco's agriculture

The press conference to present EIMA 2024 was held this afternoon in Meknés, in the setting of the Siam agricultural fair. Morocco's increasingly competitive agriculture is showing a growing demand for innovative technologies to counter the effects of climate change. The great Bologna exhibition is one of the most eagerly awaited events by farmers and technicians in the North African country.

Agricultural machinery, market down in the first three months of the year

The first quarter of the year marks a substantial decline in sales for all types of agricultural machinery. Tractors and combine harvesters fell by 25% and 56.7% respectively, tractors with loading platform by 18.4%. Negative sign also for trailers (- 6.1%) and telehandlers (- 37.2%). FederUnacoma: the contraction in demand due to economic and geopolitical factors, a multiannual public incentive plan is needed to complete the digitisation of our agriculture.

Agricultural machinery: appointment at EIMA International

Presented as part of Agriumbria the 46th edition of the exhibition of agricultural mechanics, scheduled for next November at the Bologna fair. Rich in technical content and with more than 1,600 already confirmed exhibiting industries, EIMA 2024 will be an important factor in relaunching the national market. In the first three months of the year sales of tractors fell by 25% nationally, while the market in Umbria showed a greater resilience, with a much smaller decline (-4.4%).

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