Tractors. Dynamic demand but delays hold back deliveries

Supply delays slowed tractor sales in Italy (-3%) in the first two months of the year. The increase in the value of exports in 2022 (+14.6%) and the growth of used machinery on the domestic market indicate that demand for agricultural machinery is still as lively abroad as in Italy. FederUnacoma: to strengthen the technological endowment of the Italian machinery fleet it is necessary to invest in the latest generation of mechanical equipment. The contribution of public subsidies is fundamental

The supply crisis, which had already led to a downturn in the Italian tractor market in 2022, is also affecting the sector's performance in this first part of the year. Statistics on registrations, referring to the months of January and February and processed by FederUnacoma on the basis of information provided by the Ministry of Transport, show a drop in sales equal to 3% compared to the same period of 2022, or 3,223 units. In this first part of the year, manufacturers are still recording delays in deliveries - explained FederUnacoma president Alessandro Malavolti during the press conference held this afternoon at Agriumbria. However, the scenario appears to be more favourable, thanks to a cooling of prices and a greater ability on the part of companies to manage the variables linked to supplies.
This capacity has emerged above all on foreign markets where, as ISTAT data indicate, Italian made products have performed well. Overall, agricultural machinery exports exceeded 6 billion euros in value in 2022, with a growth of 14.6% compared to 2021. The largest share was for operating machinery and equipment (EUR 4.7 billion and +17.3% over 2021), while the tractor segment rose to EUR 1.8 billion, marking +8.4%.
Foreign trade figures therefore point to good development potential for Italian manufacturers this year. The domestic market also expresses substantial demand, but an increasing share is being met by the purchase of second-hand vehicles. "The buying and selling of used vehicles is a negative phenomenon," explained Malavolti, "because it represents an obstacle to investment in the latest generation of machinery. Data on transfers of ownership speak of more than 51 thousand used tractors, more than double the number of newly registered ones". The technological renewal of the Italian machinery fleet is also affected by competition from emerging countries, which, it was emphasised, export machinery to Italy that is poor in technology but competitive on price. "In order to encourage the introduction of innovative technologies and practices in Italian agriculture," concluded Malavolti, "it is essential that the system of public incentives is not lacking and that the criteria for granting them are effective and correct".

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Agrilevante, agriculture in celebration

The seventh edition of the international exhibition of technology and machinery for agriculture ended yesterday evening in Bari - with a record number of visitors. Businesspeople from 60 countries, more than 50 conferences, 1,200 business meetings reserved to foreign delegations of the ICE Agency. Rendez-vous for the next edition in October 2025.

Desk area, simulators and training courses for young people and technicians

Training and safety in the spotlight at Agrilevante in the Desk area set up by FederUnacoma. More than 400 students from agricultural institutes in Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria took part in the training days. Two simulators for driving experience.

Agrilevante, the circular bioeconomy protagonist of ITABIA events

The circular bioeconomy is a sector with great potential. Biomass-based production cycles significantly reduce the use of fossil sources, as they are fuelled by bioresources that are widely available, renewable and well distributed throughout Italy

Agri-culture, the first organic district on a Mediterranean island in Capraia

Agrilevante was the setting for presenting this initiative, which is part of the broader "Capraia Smart Island" circular economy project, aiming at enhancing the island's territory with concrete actions aimed at protecting agro-ecosystems, safeguarding the landscape, and reducing the environmental impact of human activities.

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