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Logo FederUnacoma

The FederUnacoma logo repeats the historic features of the Unacoma logo made up of a wheel symbolizing mechanical-agricultural work, sheaves of wheat and the teeth of a crawler tractor with an eagle overhead to identify Confindustria, the Italian National Manufacturers Federation FederUnacoma is a member of. The intention of the logo is to underscore the historic origins of the federation as an important and essential factor on which to base the beginnings of the new, expanded and more choral representation of the federation.

Logo in use from 2002 to 2012

Logo in use from  2002 to 2012

Logo in use from 1945 to 2003

Logo in use from  1945 to 2003

Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation
Digital System and technologies for Agricultural Machinery and Farming
Irrigation Systems
Italian Implements Manufacturers Association
Italian Self-Propelled Machinery Manufacturers Association
Italian Tractors Manufacturers Association
Italian Components Manufacturers Association
Italian Garden Machinery Manufacturers Association