The Presidents

30 August 1945
Committee Provisional
President Luigi Lodigiani (S.A. Bubba)
Vice President Ferrari
10 May 1949 President Enrico Masi (Breda)
23 July 1953 President Cesare Torazzi (Fiat)
29 July 1959 President Giovanni Nasi
(following the death of Cesare Torazzi)
President Sai
15 November 1973 President Pietro Laverda (Laverda)
27 June 1988 President Giancarlo Vezzalini (Fiat)
28 June 1991 President Alfredo Celli (Celli)
1997/2000 President Aproniano Tassinari (CNH)
2000/2003 President Aproniano Tassinari (CNH)
2003/2004 President Guglielmo Gandino
2004/2007 President Massimo Goldoni (Goldoni)
2007/2010 President Massimo Goldoni (Goldoni)
2010/2017 President Massimo Goldoni (Goldoni)
2017/... President Alessandro Malavolti (Ama)

Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation
Digital System and technologies for Agricultural Machinery and Farming
Irrigation Systems
Italian Implements Manufacturers Association
Italian Self-Propelled Machinery Manufacturers Association
Italian Tractors Manufacturers Association
Italian Components Manufacturers Association
Italian Garden Machinery Manufacturers Association