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Year 2019


Mechanization, a crucial issue for Indian agriculture

The sixth edition of EIMA Agrimach India ended in New Delhi with good results. The market decline during the year (-10% as a repercussion of the boom in 2018) led to a slight decrease in the number of visitors. The "B2B" meetings with businesspeople were positive, while a FederUnacoma-ICE "road show" is already planned for 2020 to promote Made in Italy technologies in the country.

EIMA 2020: “top” showcase for Indian operators

The 44th edition of EIMA International, to be held in Bologna in November 2020, is presented at EIMA Agrimach India in New Delhi. The great Italian event will host a substantial number of Indian exhibitors and traders.

Ambassador de Luca: Italian-Indian cooperation for sustainable agriculture

Visiting EIMA Agrimach, the Italian ambassador in New Delhi points to agricultural machinery as a strategic sector for the economy of the great Asian country. India needs advanced technologies, such as those produced by Italian companies of this sector, to increase productivity and energy sources without depleting natural resources.

Investing in India, the trend of Italian machinery

India's economic development reflects positively on trade and industrial cooperation with Italy. In the agricultural machinery sector, the value of Italian exports stands at 26 million, but local investments are more promising. Currently many Italian industries are present in India with their own factories.

India: agricultural machines against the "environmental risk"

More than half of the 140 million hectares cultivated in the great Asian country is exposed to the monsoon variables, to desertification phenomena and to the impoverishment of soil fertility. The use of machines and mechanized systems allows the optimization of water resources, the cultivation of dry soils and the preservation of soil fertility.

Green revolution in India: agriculture "doubles"

I programmi varati dal Governo Modi puntano ad incrementare del cento per cento sia i redditi agricoli sia il valore delle esportazioni di prodotti sia freschi che lavorati. La diffusione di mezzi meccanici nelle aziende agricole come elemento fondamentale del nuovo corso.

EIMA Agrimach, a show for Indian agriculture

The sixth edition of the international agricultural machinery exhibition opened this morning in New Delhi. Organized by FICCI and FederUnacoma, the exhibition takes place at a particularly dynamic moment in terms of development of technologies and policies for the primary sector.

Gardening: the weather trend damages the market

After a very positive first quarter of 2019, sales of machinery and equipment for gardening and garden care recorded constant declines during the year, due to climate and weather anomalies. The wave of bad weather that characterized the autumn period will lead to a sharp slowdown in maintenance, making it possible to forecast year-end results in decline compared to the final balance of 2018. There are good prospects in the medium and long term, as a result of the growth of green areas in urban areas, destined to also include rural areas where agricultural and multifunctional activities can be carried out.

EIMA 2020: organizational machine already on track

The requests for participation in the next edition of the great Bologna event are proceeding at a record pace. Among the innovations announced is an international event dedicated to Technical Innovations and a competition that rewards the quality of the exhibits.

Massimo Goldoni leaves FederUnacoma surl

Massimo Goldoni leaves the position of CEO of FederUnacoma surl, the service company of the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, which manages its activities operationally, first and foremost the organization of EIMA International and other exhibitions in the sector.

Comagarden: a focus on tourist green areas

The association of manufacturers of gardening and landscaping machinery and equipment announces one of the key themes of the next edition of EIMA Green, to be held in November 2020. Meanwhile, a conference on the design and management of green sites of value, carried out in Bari in the context of Agrilevante, previews some points of particular interest.

Agrilevante, Mediterranean passion!

Record edition for the exhibition of machines and technologies held at the Bari exhibition centre. The number of visitors reaches 80.200, of which 3600 foreigners from 60 countries. Over 55 conferences and meetings on technical and economic issues to cover the myriad aspects of agriculture.

Beekeeping and agriculture, war or alliance?

The talk "Are bees in danger? ...let's talk about it with the experts" organized by Arptra brought to light the need for discussions to overcome mutual distrust and safeguard common interests.

Tropical fruit growing in Southern Italy: the experience in Sicily

Tropical crops can be successfully grown in the regions of Southern Italy, provided that precise rules are followed both in agronomic management and in post-harvest storage. This is what the conference "Cultivation of tropical fruit in Southern Italy" illustrated at Agrilevante.

Agrilevante, a record-paced event

After recording a 15% increase in the number of visitors in the first two days, with almost 27,000 visitors, the exhibition of agricultural machinery sees a large audience participation also today, as we await the Sunday that closes the festival.

Mediterranean islands: an open-air laboratory

The thousands of islands in the Mediterranean, 800 of which in Italian waters, generate high quality and highly typical agricultural products. However, the farming is often carried out under difficult conditions, due to the lack of water, the quality of the soil, the slopes, the exposure to the winds, and the difficulty of adapting the machines to the particular agricultural situations. This is the central theme of the conference entitled "Sustainable mechanization and supply chains in the Mediterranean islands". During the meeting, experimental projects presented to implement circular economy systems.

Welfare in the stable, an essential condition for modern animal husbandry

The care of dairy cows, both in nutrition and in the management of the stable, is essential to make farms profitable. This is the recommendation that emerged from two livestock conferences held at Agrilevante.

RIPRESA, an online tool to improve work safety in agriculture

A detailed project was presented for the dissemination of safety in agriculture, carried out jointly by the Inail Central Prevention Directorate and by the Universities of Tuscia, Udine and Catania. The aim of the project is to put the knowledge and data on security into a system and to disseminate it to the operators' communities.

Xylella, the Plain of monumental olive trees is in grave danger

The regional association of agricultural technicians and researchers Arptra takes stock, at Agrilevante, of the state of research on the epidemic that has hit the olive groves. Scientific acquisitions must be accompanied by timely political action with clear indications to farmers.

Agriumbria, the great event renews itself

The 2020 edition of the Bastia Umbra exhibition was presented at Agrilevante. From agricultural machinery to livestock displays, the event is organized with the aim of involving the entire agricultural supply chain. This is the successful formula which has allowed the event to double the number of visitors in just a few years. The 2020 edition of Agriumbria aims at leading also in the livestock field with an exhibition of 750 head of cattle.

Enoliexpo, a project with wide perspectives

The next edition of Enoliexpo, the biennial exhibition dedicated to wine and olive oil production chains, was presented to Agrilevante and will be held in Bari from 19 to 21 March 2020, organized in partnership with FederUnacoma. The synergy with the association of manufacturers will highlight the importance of machinery and mechanical technologies for olive and wine production, products of excellence of our country and of the Puglia region.

Agricultural machinery: safety and sustainability in the spotlight

Operator safety in the use of agricultural machinery and the environmental safety of agricultural machines. This was a central theme, and fully consistent with an event like Agrilevante, of the second workshop on innovation in mechanics and system engineering applied to agro-food and forestry biosystems.

Crops and innovative technical means to give a future to Mediterranean companies

The seminars of Itabia, Chimica Verde Bionet and Federcanapa on agro-industrial chains open the sixth edition of Agrilevante at the Bari exhibition. Avocado, mango and small fruits such as raspberries and blueberries can find effective development in the Italian regions.

Agrilevante: innovative technologies for quality food

The growing dissemination of specialized crops, resulting from a profound change in dietary styles, is creating a new demand for agricultural machines dedicated to high quality crops. The evolution of dietary habits and the cultivation guidelines - claims the president of the Puglia Region Emiliano - represents a strategic indication also for the purpose of preparing the new rural development plan.

Agrilevante, headed for a record edition


Agrilevante: challenge the market wth technological innovations

Innovation is the strong theme of Agrilevante, the exhibition of machines and technologies for Mediterranean agriculture. Held in Bari, it is attended by all the major manufacturers, as well as many medium and small businesses that are highly specialized and capable of producing innovation.

Green light for EIMA International

Bologna's review of the agricultural machinery opens the registrations with an impressive number of subscribers.In just over two days, 620 registrations have already been completed, with a surface demand of one third of the total."The smoke screen raised by the Sima in Paris - commented the leaders of FederUnacoma - did not confuse the sector's industries".

Agrilevante 2019: the news of the livestock exhibition

A large section dedicated to native livestock breeds and technologies for the management of stables and fodder characterizes the 2019 edition of the international exhibition that takes place in Bari from October 10 to 13. More than 500 heads of cattle, horses and sheep and goats are on display at the exhibition, as an example of the rich livestock biodiversity of Southern Italy.

Biomass and circular economy at Agrilevante

Decarbonizing the economy is a crucial step to combat climate change. Agriculture is the optimal context for putting into practice the principles of the circular economy, activating innovative crops and supply chains and minimizing the impact on the agro-ecosystems. The central role of mechanization.

Agrilevante by EIMA, a brand for Mediterranean agriculture

The international exhibition of machinery and technologies for agricultural supply chains takes place at the Bari exhibition centre from 10 to 13 October. Organized by FederUnacoma, the exhibition presents a wide range of technological solutions and is aimed at an audience of farmers, mechanization technicians and foreign operators attending with delegations from 45 countries organized in collaboration with the ICE Agency.

For EIMA International an army of "apostles"

A comparative survey was presented during the annual FederUnacoma assembly on the performances of the major agricultural machinery exhibitions at the international level. In comparison with the SIMA in Paris, the Bologna exhibition shows better indices on all the parameters considered. The segment of the so-called "apostles" (86.2%) is remarkably high as far as EIMA is concerned, that is to say those operators who are so convinced of the validity of the event that they are active supporters participating in the construction of the event's good reputation.

FederUnacoma: Alessandro Malavolti confirmed as president

During the Assembly of the associated industries, the votes were held to elect the president of the Federation and the presidents and vice-presidents of the five associations that comprise it. Among the priorities specified for the next two years, a greater presence in political workgroups and the further development of trade fair activities. The relaunching of the "made in Italy" guiding theme of the public part, which saw the participation of the MEP Paolo De Castro, of the chief economist of Confindustria Andrea Montanino, of the general director of ICE Roberto Luongo, and of the managing director of GRS Ricerche Enrico Gallorini.

Agricultural machinery: Italian production growing

The decline in exports for tractors leads to a decline in "made in Italy" production, while it grows with regard to other types of machines, including incomplete tractors and parts of tractors. Turnover is at 7.9 billion euros (+1.5%), to which we must add an amount for components estimated at 2.7 billion and for gardening estimated at 800 million, for a total production value of about 11.4 billion euros. The Italian market accounts for 18,442 tractors, less than half of the sales of used vehicles.

Tractors: lights and shadows on the world market

Data on sales in the main countries indicate consistent growth in the United States and India, while China and Turkey are in decline. Europe closes 2018 with a 10% drop in registrations, but is confirmed as the main exporter of agricultural machinery with a share of over 60% of the total world exports for a value of 36 billion euros. The trend of recent years sees a lower incidence of tractors on the global market, and a growth in equipment and processing machines due to the greater specialization of crops.

EIMA-SIMA: the dispute on the European table

During the General Meeting of CEMA, the European Committee of agricultural machinery manufacturers, FederUnacoma replies to the statements made by the French organizers about an alleged "approval" of the Italian federation on the change of dates and on the overlap of the SIMA and the EIMA of Bologna. The statements on the positioning of the Paris exhibition are also groundless, while inconsistencies emerge between the technical data provided by the French organizers and those actually certified.

Landscaping machines: market recovery in 2018

At the end of the year, sales of machines and equipment for gardening and landscaping showed an overall increase of 3.2%. The Comagarden/Morgan data relating to the main product types confirm the growth of battery-powered machines and equipment.

Agrilevante, a resource for Mediterranean agriculture

The 2019 edition of the showcase of technologies and machines for agriculture, to be held in the Bari exhibition centre from 10 to 13 October next, was presented in Bari. Growing numbers and a new section dedicated to animal husbandry, with the exhibition of fine breeds of cattle, horses, sheep and goats, characterize the review, organized by FederUnacoma and Nuova Fiera del Levante with the support of the Puglia Region Agriculture Department. Agrilevante confirms itself as a point of point reference for operators in the entire Mediterranean area, but also in Sub-Saharan Africa and some Asian regions.

Tractors: focus on the Apulian market

Sales figures show a decline in 2018 compared to the previous year, characterized by an anomalous peak in registrations due to technical/statistical reasons. If compared with 2014, 2015 and 2016, sales are growing in the region, indicating a certain recovery in the demand. The sales of used machines were very significant, with negative repercussions on the efficiency and safety of the machine fleet. The Agrilevante event is a stimulus for the agricultural machinery market not only in the South, but in the countries of the entire Mediterranean basin.

Agrilevante and Agrimach, two "platforms" for emerging markets

Presented in Paris the two exhibitions dedicated to agricultural machinery that FederUnacoma organizes during the year. The Bari exhibition should register further growth, thanks also to the introduction of a livestock section. The exhibition in New Delhi takes place in the context of an impressive growth in Indian mechanization, which in 2018 reached 800,000 tractors sold on the national market.

Tractor market: a critical scenario

The 2018 figures indicate a decline in sales in Europe, China and Turkey, and growth in the United States and India. The slowdown in French and German markets penalizes Italian exports. The slight improvement in agricultural prices could encourage investments, but the general trend of the Italian economy and the critical issues on the world scenario point to a difficult 2019.

Agricultural machinery: "downsized" market in 2018

After the effect of the "Mother Regulation", which triggered a race for registrations in 2017, pushing the market beyond its actual capacity, tractors sales are back to 2016 levels. Registrations have also declined, as far as other types of machines are concerned, and for the new year, the effects of the general negative economic trend are feared. In order to support the sector, the provision of the EU RDP funds continues, together with the € 35 million re-allocated by INAIL for the purchase of agricultural machinery with high safety standards.
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